Chad Jones

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Chad Jones
Origin Liberty
Affiliation Freelancer
Born 12/03/794
Died Still alive

Known Information

Chad Jones is a well known vessel review writer for the Colony News Service. Not directly employed by the firm, he has the freedom to travel from station to station in search of new vessels throughout the sirius sector. Where most people throughout the colonies can be aware of any ship's statistics in seconds with a computer, Chad makes his living by providing further information in terms of maneuverability and visibility on each model. His unemployed, yet employed status gives him neutrality throughout all sirius factions as a mere civilian. He is most famously known for his recent reviews on freighter class vessels both lawful and sinister alike.

He is known to give very accurate and stylish feedback for vessels that his readers love to see; getting a spoonfull of the info they need produced alongside an entertaining attitude that motivate people to take to the skies.


Original reviews written by User:Ash.