Chateaudin Mining Facility

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Chateaudin Mining Facility
C-5 (Morigny) class Station
Chateaudin Mining Facility.jpg
GMS Logo.png Gallic Metal Service
4B, Orleanais
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 360

Operated by Gallic Metal Service, Chateaudin is located closer to the Orleanais sun than any other base in the system. It was built by Arcadia Materiaux Distribution in 305 A.G.S., before GMS was even formed. Gallic Metal Service acquired a stake in Chateaudin's operations some 100 years after its construction was completed, and after Arcadia went bankrupt, bought out the remaining shareholders of the station.

Unlike most other mining stations, this one is not located inside an asteroid field. The field by the name of Freteval actually existed several hundred years ago, but during the First Gallic War the demand for ores became so high that the field was fully mined out, and the resulting dustfield gradually dispersed. The asteroid field was eventually replaced by a huge field of debris, remnants of the rapid ship and station component construction that took place at Chateaudin. Most of the debris is comprised of damaged hull plates and wrecked space scaffolding. Any valuable materials have long since been scavenged by the Gallic Junkers that still frequent the field. Today, Chateaudin has become a drop-off point and processing base for gas miners coming from Eure and asteroid miners from Montargis.

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Dsy gms lf.png
Ligh Miner
Dsy gms vhf.png
Heavy Miner
Dsy gms shf.png
Deeep Space Miner