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Christina Ross
Light racer.png
Sirius' fastest pilot (well, almost)
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Mechanic
Gender Female
Affiliation Freelancer
Born 2 November 797 A.S., Planet Los Angeles
= About =

- Name: Christina Ross

- Age: 22

- Day of birth: 2nd of November 797 A.S.

- Origin: Planet Los Angeles, California

- Occupation: Mechanic

- Length: 5'7"

- Parents: Lexine Ross (44), Martin Ross (48)

- Brothers/Sisters: Mark Ross (12)

"Run forth through light and time and never stop"

Her past

Born on Planet Los Angeles, the girl named Christina lived a peaceful life at her parents'. While her family was in a somewhat difficult position though, she enjoyed education in high-school of the small town. A place that wasn't frequented by space ships that much in comparison to capitals. It was giving her and her family everything they needed. Everything but a promising income. When Christina just became ten years old and her mother, Lexine, became pregnant and therefore unable to work, the reserves the family put aside were slowly eaten away by taxes and bills. It was a short moment of joy though, as Lexine gave birth to her second child, Mark. Not as if that would make things less hard anyway.

The circumstances became more and more difficult and after a couple of years of desperately trying to get hands on more cash, they were forced out. Forced to find a cheaper place to live in, they departed in one late night from their home, only taking the most necessary things with them. Having saved a tiny bit of money due to selling their furniture, the family booked a ticked to the nearest space port, hoping to get into space, to make a new home on a space station, as it was known to be cheaper than living on a planet. It would succeed to find a ship, after all, and as they were about to take off to their, hopefully, new home, Christina got separated from her family, the girl's attention drawn by an interesting machine, which seemed to look fancy. The shuttle took off without the fourteen years old girl, leaving her alone in the big machine, eventually getting trapped in as it seemed to be a space ship as well. Separated from her family, the girl had to see her being moved through space, alone. All that kept her going was the look of space. She arrived at Rochester, despite her age immediately picked up by the Junkers as cheap working unit. Luck might had been with her when those strange people considered to keep her. It didn't help her desperation she'd have to live through, though.

Time passed, the girl actually named Ross becoming nothing but a shadow of herself. A from curiosity misled girl who was doomed for her naivety. It wasn't like her attitude changed, since she found some 'friends' to hang around with, after all. But that behavior cost her her family, if not the most important part of her life. However, she lived on, as it seemed to be the desperate will of herself, even if not that obvious.

Later on

Fixed together by a couple of lessons she had been taught herself, one could see her naivety slowly starting to change into something else. Even though a lot of events were required to achieve this, it took its price and eventually paid off. Was she more complete by then? Or was that just the beginning of the phase of becoming an adult? Something the girl still couldn't answer herself with the lack of experience she had. But getting used to that feeling was most probably the best way to learn.

It had been a while since the time on Rochester. With proud age of 21, Sirius was prepared for her to be explored. Since she already had something fast to move through space, as well as the earned money from a dozens of won races, it wouldn't be a problem with a monthly income. However, nothing could stop her curiosity, as it didn't wear off over the years. Kept up by that and the occasional organisation of races through the most "exciting" places space had to offer within reach, her ship computer was soon fed with the amount of information collected in every single part of Sirius, even including Gallia.

Those steps throughout light years of space and the achievements she made eventually rose even more confidence in herself. Feeling like the average light fighter was too slow, she went to Gallia, where she'd try her luck with a plan of breaking a certain speed barrier. And the bigger corporations were probably the best way to start with. However, the promising contact made, it didn't take Christina long to realize she didn't really had something to offer, to basically drive a project ahead. Disappointed by the lack of cooperation, all that should not happen and drove her out of Gallia again. However, that didn't stop her from keeping up the races, yet.

With her confidence fading once more again, as her self-organized events kept mostly unvisited, troubles would come up after. Like a bad luck-drawing pin board, it caught her off guard and, before she could realize what was happening, she was trapped. Not only was it the actual person catching her like that but also the lack of confidence weakening her in an offensive way. While dumb IMG miners were not as scary, those other workers with brain actually were. Badly abused when cuffed onto a bed, it took a whole lot of her energy to actually keep standing, as she didn't understand the purpose of her life anymore. Feelings of actual rage and vengeance crossed her mind the very first time. But it didn't help her confidence at all.

Back in control