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California System

The California system was the third system in Liberty to have a jump gate connected to it. This system consists of three Planets, two of which are habitable. Planet Los Angeles is home to Ageira Technologies and Synth Foods Inc. and is the food maker of Liberty that feeds most of the huge population Liberty's. Planet California Minor is being terraformed by Planetform, Inc. and is a very cold and barren planet as of yet. This system has Jump Gates to the Magellan system, the Cortez system, the New York system, and the Ontario system. Pirates are known to prowl the trade lane near Planet Mojave, which was the reason Riverside Station was built. The trade lane from the New York gate to the Cortez gate carries the bulk of the inter-house traffic between Bretonia and Liberty. Since Bretonia has lost the system of Leeds the supply lines from Liberty to its ally trough California has became most important for the Kingdom. The Gallic Royal Navy has started assault on Cortez and California since they have captured Magellan. The Commonwealth has also tried often to capture California f. e. First Battle of California Minor & Second Battle of California Minor

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Planet Mojave

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Tahoe Ice Cloud

A nebula of ice crystals. Two Trade Lanes pass through the cloud, but the presence of the San Diego Border Station and frequent Navy patrols discourage attacks. Rogues, Lane Hackers, and Outcasts are the most commonly spotted criminals. Willard Research Station is located deep within the Tahoe cloud, but the exact nature of its research is classified by the Liberty Navy.

Asteroid Field

Whitney Ice Field

A large field of ice asteroids -- though most of the pure water ice has already been consumed in the failed effort to terraform Los Angeles. The remainder of the field, however, provides cover for a wide range of criminal activities, including drug running and attacks against the nearby trade lane. Despite the best attempts by the Liberty Navy to capture those responsible, criminals who manage to escape into Whitney almost always elude pursuit.

Sierra Ice Field

A large field of ice asteroids which has long since been depleted of pure water by the failed Los Angeles terraforming operation. The Sierra Field has little value today except as cover for the Rogues -- pirates who attack shipments passing along the nearby Trade Lanes to and from Los Angeles.

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