Crayter Military

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Crayter Military
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Origin Crayter Sector
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 803 A.S.
Founder(s) The survivors of the Crayter Exodus
Base of operations Coronado
Primary role
Defending of the Crayter from outside threats and ensuring safety of Crayter Space

Crayter Military

The Crayter Military represents a major portion of the Republic's citizens, men and women fighting to defend their nation and hopefully bring peace. Making use of all Crayterian-built vessels, they safe-guard the Republic's space, enforce its laws and wage war against its enemies. The Crayter Uniformed Forces ranking structure is as follows:

Rank Structure

Warrant Officer (W.O.) ▲ Recently enlisted members of the Crayter Military - they are confined to a restricted operation zone, unless ordered by a higher ranking officer into another operations area. Warrant Officers undergo a week of evaluation, and assuming they pass that evaluation, they become fresh-out-of-water Lieutenants. They have access to "Eros", "Nyx" and "Pytho" class ships.

Lieutenant (Lt.) ◆ Lieutenants are part of flight squadrons, forming the backbone of the Uniformed Forces, and are included in both patrol and assault operations. They generally act as senior ranking officers in the presence of W.O.’s, assuming there are no higher ranking officer present. They have access to "Eros", "Nyx", "Pytho" and "Waran" class ships. Special permission can be obtained for service on-board a "Hydra" class vessel.

Captain (Cpt.) ◆► Officers showing not only great combat ability but excellence in leadership skills, often finds themselves promoted to the rank of Captain. These are wing-leaders, often serving as an invaluable link, carrying orders between a fleet commanding officer and individual pilots. They have access to "Eros", "Nyx", "Pytho" and "Waran" class ships, with the possibility to command "Hydra" vessels when the need arises.

Major (Maj.) ◄◆► Extraordinary wing leaders sometimes finds themselves leading the entire squadrons at the rank of Major, With flawless efficiency, they can lead minor operations both in defensive and offensive situations. They have access to "Eros", "Nyx", "Pytho", "Waran" and "Hydra" class ships.

Commander (Cmdr.) ◄◆►► Captains or Majors who transfer to Fleet Operations and pass an evaluation period are promoted to the rank of Commander. Trained in tactical warfare, they make use of capital vessels to reach the goals of their operations. They have access to the "Hydra" gunboat or can serve on-board "Thanatos" cruisers. If the need arises, they retain access to the "Eros", "Nyx", "Pytho" and "Waran".

Commodore (Cmdre.) ◄◆◆► Commanders that show a keen mind reach the rank of Commodore in the Crayter Fleet hierarchy, assisting the Admirals to coordinate the entire Crayterian fleet. They have access to the "Hydra" and "Thanatos" vessels, while special permission can be obtained for access to the "Zephyr" carrier.

Admiral (Adm.) ◄◆◆◆► unwavering loyalty, exceptional skills and great tactical awareness - these are the makings of an Admiral. Answering only to the Fleet Admiral, they coordinate everything regarding the fleet's composition, tactics, strategies, resources and operations. They are given access to all ships.

Fleet Admiral (FAdm.) ◆◆◆◆◆ Leader of the Crayter Uniformed Forces, he or she decides all of the Republic's military actions, be them big or small. Coordinating with the government itself, the Fleet Admiral ensures the nation's safety and prosperity.

Known Bases

Colonial Ships

Fighters and Smaller Craft

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Light Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter
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Gunships and Capital Vessels

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Col cruiser.png

Logistical Vessels

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Armed Transport
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