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Coronado is a recently discovered system on the borders of Liberty and Bretonia space. The IMG have been very good at concealing their mining operation there on Planet Pecos for the past few years. But as soon as a Freelance Multi-Millionaire constructed his own private station there word has steadily leaked out of Coronado's potential. Liberty was soon to gamble on the words of rumours and sent probes as well as exploration patrols throughout the system. Finding the potential of Planet Yuma on the far side of the system, Liberty officials decided to send out Survey Vessel Armstrong to watch over Yuma while proceedings that will decide which faction will get to settle on the planet and ultimatley claim it develop.

Meanwhile on Pecos the Independent Miners Guild are ever watchful of the Libertonians moving into Coronado. Seeing as they may pose a threat to their mining operations there and may decide to take over Pecos administration. The Barrier Gate Station established within the barrier rim provides a haven for all the peoples of sirius. Taking on Freeport status, it serves as a hideout for pirates and a weekend getaway for the IMG from their icy home.

However, in 819 A.S., Survey Vessel Armstrong was lost with all hands to unknown causes. Unable to risk another exploratory vessel on such a risky venture, Deep Space Engineering has not yet returned to the Coronado system. At the same time, the Colonial Republic, exiled from the Taus with the Gallic Royal Navy in pursuit, arrived in Coronado and established a new colony on Planet Pecos alongside the IMG, called "New Hope". Once their civilian population was secured, the Colonials constructed Sabah Shipyard in orbit of Planet Yuma. This uncanny timing has lead many of Liberty's officials to suspect that the IMG may be in collusion with the Colonials in order to protect their mining and colonisation claims to the system, but there has been no definitive conclusion to the matter.

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