Cristina Valeria Hunter

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Cristina Valeria Hunter
Cristina Valeria Hunter, 819 A.S.
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Occupation Executive Commander of the Hellfire Legion
Gender Female
Affiliation Hellfire Legion
Rank Executive Commander
Status Active (819 A.S.)
Born July 19th, 795 A.S., Planet Crete

Early Life

Cristina Valeria Hunter was born on the 19th of July in the year 795 A.S. on Planet Crete. She is the daughter of Susanna Maria Gonzalez, a former pilot of the Corsair Empire and Michael Hunter, a Libertonian Freelancer who traveled around Sirius. Their relationship was a difficult one, due to their different origins. Michael had to leave Susanna and Cristina soon after her birth. Cristina lived the next 8 years on Crete, before her mother decided to move to Liberty to search her husband. This decision was also made because many other Corsairs have seen her with disrespect with having a child with an Libertonian. It took them 2 months in Liberty before they finally found the missing part of their family. From now on they lived on Planet Los Angeles. Cristina is still able to speak her native language and she will never forget the memories of Planet Crete, where she spent her childhood. In Liberty she had problems to feel herself accepted by the surrounding area. She had the feeling that people looked at her with disrespect beacause of her Corsair origin. It took her some years before she finally felt herself comfortable in Liberty. Her father joined the Liberty Navy 811 A.S. to fight the various hordes of criminals that caused problems in Liberty. Criminals like the Liberty Rogues, the Lane Hackers or the Outcasts. Cristina feels a lot of hate for the latter, the "rivals" of every Corsair, the former brethren. She has one remarkable sign that keeps reminding her of her origin. A tattoo she got herself when she turned 18, a nice illustration of a scorpion on her right forearm, however she is always wearing a long glove to hide it as she only wants this tattoo for herself.

Her Time as Mercenary

She decided to work as Mercenary for the Liberty Navy after she turned 19. This decision worried her parents a lot, her father even tried to stop her, because he knew how hard it is to fight Liberty's scum, but he failed and couldn't stop her. Cristina soon started to be a formidable fighter pilot, she showed no mercy when shooting her enemies, especially the Outcasts. She noticed the strange behaviour of the Liberty Navy after some time. Sometimes they simply refused to help her, or just ignored pirates. These actions cost many civilian lifes. Cristina slowly started to wonder herself why she was working for them. It seemed to her that they just don't care about Liberty, giving the criminals the chance to do what they want. She started to hate the Navy for that... The years passed, the situation didn't change. The Liberty-Rheinland war made it even worse and Cristina had enough of it and stopped working for the Navy. She even started to search hostilities with them. One day she assaulted a Navy patrol and killed all of them. She had more enemies now, almost no supporters. Her parents were worried about her but they are not able to help her anymore, she needed some allies...

The Hellfire Legion

She got recruited into the Hellfire Legion, Liberty's last hope for a better future. Cristina had now a strong ally to achieve her goals and she started to make herself a name within the Legion. On her first days as Pilot First Class, the starter rank, she managed to receive the Veil of Steel award for a succesful defense of an key position against overwhelming forces. It is very rare that PFCs get such awards on their first days. Various operations against the Liberty Navy followed in which she showed her combat abilities and managed to achieve victory with the other Legionaires. She got assigned to the Special Operations and Armed Reconnaissance Division (Short: SAD) and was a Star Captain from now on. She started to lay her hostilities with the Outcasts aside and focused on fighting the Liberty Navy for now. After some months in service as Star Captain she got promoted to Star Colonel after the absence of Meallan Dagon (the former Star Colonel). She spent a lot of time in successfully leading the SAD, however some changes had to be made within the Legion and Executive Commander Duncan Voss resigned from his position, announcing Cristina as the new Executive Commander. There she was now, second in command of the Hellfire Legion, a lot of responsibilities, a lot of possibilities.

Her personal fighter:

Bw vheavy fighter.png
Very Heavy Fighter

Her flagship:

Or osiris.png
Osiris Battleship

She has acces to:

Ranseur Dreadnought
Spyglass Battleship
Li cruiser s.png
Liberty Siege Cruiser
Li cruiser s.png
Liberty Siege Cruiser
Oc destroyer.png
Storta Destroyer
Scylla Destroyer