Series Z "Sabre" Border Worlds Very Heavy Fighter

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Series Z "Sabre" Border Worlds Very Heavy Fighter
Bw vheavy fighter.png
Ship Class Very Heavy Fighter
Built by Border Worlds
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 6 / 1
Opt. weapon class 8
Max. weapon class 9
Other equipment
Hull strength 11,200
Max. shield class 10
Cargo space 70 units
Nanobots/Batteries 66/66
Max. impulse speed 80 m/s
Max. thrust speed 199 m/s
Max. cruise speed 350 m/s
Power output 11,400 u
Power recharge 1,180 u/s
Additional information
Ship price $1,755,000
Package price $2,367,820

As commerce and some economic freedoms began to flood the Border Worlds, so did greater access to technology and the need for change. The Sabre is the fruit of the Border Worlds' ingenuity and pure capitalism coalesced into one lethal embodiment. This ship boasts enormous power capacity as well as extreme defensive capability.



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