Dan McKay

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Daniel "Dan" McKay
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Affiliation Gaians
Born December 17 795 A.S.
Planet Cambridge


Dan McKay was born on Cambridge to a long line of Gaian sympathizers. His Father and Grandfather both secretly supplied the Gaians with weapons and engine components. They would recruit transport pilots to bring the supplies and, often times, attempt to recruit them to join the Gaians outright. This installed a strong belief in Dan.

He attended Cambridge University, earning a degree in Gaian Ecology and Biology. He began further study into the matter, hoping to follow in his mother's footsteps. After a year of study, Dan was to work as an intern with Padraig McFadden, a lawyer working with the Green Front. This went awry when the man could not be found for some time. In the meantime, Dan ran into legal trouble when he was blackmailed and forced to flee. Upon returning, though, he found McFadden and was offered the chance to work on the Windbirds' Refuge, a modified, old prison liner whose goal was to free the Gaian Wildlife cruelly plucked from the planet's surface.


  • Aliases: [NLH]-Sirocco, [NLH]-Borasco
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Political Affiliations: Green Front, Gaians
  • Occupation: Student, political activist
  • Ships spotted in: Clydesdale, Crow, Recycler, Prison Liner


  • Padraig McKay, grandfather
  • Liam McKay, father
  • Dr Mary McKay, mother
  • Elizabeth McKay, sister