Planet Cambridge

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Planet Cambridge
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Owner Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia Police Authority
Location 6D, Cambridge
Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Technical information
Population 720,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 10,723 km
Mass 5.11 x 10e25 kg
Temperature -49°C to 73°C
Escape velocity 10.21 km/sec

A serene, beautiful Planet covered in lush, green plains and deep blue oceans, Planet Cambridge is eminently suited to human colonisation. Settled 70 years after the New London planetfall, the Planet has developed a significant agricultural industry. Heavy industries never developed since the Planet lacks easily accessible mineral deposits, and were eventually prohibited to prevent pollution from damaging the planet's ecosystem, and the large farms that make up most of the settled surface. It is also home to the Cambridge Research Institute, a science academy that is devoted to pure scientific advancements. Many important scientific breakthroughs have occurred on Cambridge, including the Bretonian Super Alloy manufacturing process. Cambridge is also the primary Food Rations (Bretonia) producer for all of of Bretonia.

Despite its relatively small population, currently standing at a little over 720 million, Cambridge has always attracted a large number of potential immigrants due to it's pleasant climate. Many are turned away due to the population and security restrictions on the planet itself.

Due to its prominence in Bretonia as both the primary food producer and as a bastion of scientific knowledge, it is perhaps inevitable that Cambridge harbours a large portion of the Green Front party members and offices, with a majority coming from the Professors and Students, as well as a number of vociferous researchers and local aristocracy. This has lead to many arguments between the various academic departments over the morality and viability of human terraforming, and its long term effects on the landscape of Sirius.

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