David Leroy

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David Leroy
LTS David Leroy.png
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Gender Male
Affiliation Liberty Trade Shipping
Joined May, 819 A.S.
Rank President
Status Active
Born 777 A.S. - Planet Denver
Died N/A

Short Biography

Born in a poor family of miners, he doesn't had necesary financial resources to follow a military academy, as he father always wanted. At 18 years old, he decided to move on planet California Minor. There he met on his current wife, Diana, with whom he had two boys: Mark and Joe. For 10 years, has worked as freelancer trader. At 28 years old, he moved back on Planet Denver and was employed by Interspace Commerce corporation. Much later, at the insistence of his sons, he resigns from Interspace Commerce and decide to create, together with Rick Tenda, Liberty Trade Shipping, becoming the president of this corporation. David has a personal vision to convince local authorities in the four houses of Sirius to give more freedoms to all lawful traders, even in times of war. He based his attempt off an example by the Deep Trading Consortium, a group of Junkers which are now disbanded. Their attempt failed, however he believes the idea will succeed with backing contracts from major trade corporations.

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