Planet Denver

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Planet Denver
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Owner Flag-liberty.png Liberty Police, Inc.
Location 4E/4F, Colorado
Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Technical information
Population 3,100,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 12,211 km
Mass 5.54 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -68°C to 59.1°C
Escape velocity 10.02 km/sec

Originally home to miners, smelters and shipyard workers, Denver has always had a sizeable population, but during the economic collapse of the silver industry in 600 A.S., many of the workers were put out of jobs and either left the system or ended up joining the nascent Xeno movement. The planetary population plummeted, with the remaining people left to scratch a living on Denver's farmsteads, and also in the small, but profitable, tourist industry.

With the California water shortages continuing unabated, the wealthy elite of Los Angeles began to search for an alternative holiday destination and place to call home, and they found it in the guise of Denver's rough savannahs and beautiful, pristine beaches. The resulting emigration injected new life into the planet's economy, reviving its fortunes, even as the newly arrived upper class were in the process of systematically taking control of the local government authorities.

Nowadays the planetary population of Denver stands at a healthy 3.1 billion people, making it the second most populated planet in Liberty after Manhattan itself. Such is the attraction of Denver that Cryer Pharmaceuticals maintains one of the largest medical research facilities in Sirius, just outside the capital city of Crichton Springs, while the headquarters of the Ageira Technologies corporation and several manufacturing plants supporting its operation on Pueblo are also located on the planet. It is widely known that the Liberty Police are paid handsomely by the wealthy residents to ensure the continued peace and security of Denver.

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Heavy Miner
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