Davis Williams

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Davis Williams
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Origin unknown
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliation Venator Private security
Rank Imperator (Commander in Cheif) and Owner
Born Planet Leeds 12th November 794 A.S.

Davis Williams

Davis Williams is an accomplished mercenary, Smart and dedicated to the cause of the Venator Order, now Venator Private Security. He is the one who has brought them back together, and aims to bring in more pilot's loyal to the cause.

Early Life

His early life was troubled, racing ships, getting in to fight's. This is dispite his background. Davis's Mother and Father still work on Leeds as traders. And very wealthy. By the age of ten Davis was sent to his Uncle, whom they thought was in the service of the Liberty Navy. He actually was a Mercenary, and was even involved in the Nomad war. However he shortly died afterwards a few years later. But whilst having Davis in his care, he trained him to be the best escort pilot and combat specialist. Davis's Uncle even taught him math's, Latin, English and the way's of the old order.

Beginning of a New era

After returning to Bretionia from Liberty, after his uncle's death he had gained a large sum of credit's and already had been working on the Furiosus, at that time it was a Kingfisher, which now is a fleet ship. After doing lot's of work, he had saw a gap in the market and had come across a few other's whom followed the old Orda of the Venator (English translation: Order of the Hunter/Huntsmen). After which he became a beacon of the way's and with gaps in the market, he withdrew his funds and re-founded the mercenary out-fitt called Venator Private Security, based with in Bretionia. After his uncles Company for which had died with his uncle.