Doe Industries Space Port

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Doe Industries Space Port
Modular class Station
Deep Space Engineering
F2, New York
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 800

Doe Industries Space Port is a modular space station located just outside Planet Pittsburgh in the heart of Liberty's New York system. The station is the centerpiece of Doe Industries, a widely successful subsidiary of Deep Space Engineering that specializes in large scale logistical solutions. Affectionately known as "DISP" by most employees, the station is a favorite rest stop for DSE's finest, thanks to a number of state-of-the-art recreational and dining facilities.

In late 819 A.S. Doe Industries added on a new wing to the station, equipped for cutting edge research and development purposes. Mere weeks later, project leader Andrew Moray announced that his team of scientists had reached a breakthrough, devising a series of high-end cloaking devices that could be produced faster and cheaper than elsewhere in Sirius. Moray's team has quickly expanded since, now having released several prototype Jump Drives and Hyperspace Scanner Modules. These are now also available for orders from the base.

Prototype equipment available