Ellias Fernandes

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Ellias Fernandes De La Rosa
Ellias Fernandes, 818 A.S.
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Gender Male
Affiliation Corsairs
Rank None
Status Active (818 A.S.)
Born August 01 786 A.S., Planet Crete (Age 32)
Died Still managed to survive the heat

Ellias Fernandes - Ex-Buccaneer of the Black Sails and Ex-commandant of the Leon base. Known for his nasty temper, but is able to find opportunities to expand his influence among both the Corsair and everyone those with whom he dealt. Prefers a strategic approach over the brute force. Also prefers to pursue his will with all available ways.


Fernandes family is an old and respected family at Crete and currently has about 370 members most of which are located at Crete's main settlement, but many of them operate on the distant frontier and remote bases such as Mindello or Leon Bases. Family was formed somewhere at 140 A.S. after the union of two powerful familis, after which they merged into one influential family that is slowly but steadily increased its influence among the rest of the Corsairs.

It is also known that Fernandes famillia has a large estate to the south-east of the Crete's main settlement on the outskirts of the city. This place is known as Nido Del Halcón. The vast mansion is located on a hillside and from its windows opens a view on the large part of the city.

Many family members have written their names in the history of Corsair nation for their courage and bravery in battle, as well as for intelligence that saved the lives of many pilots.

Short Biography

Ellias is the eldest son of the current leader of the family - Carlos Fernandes Mendos. The first child in the family of Carlos appeared in 786 AS. Carlos was proud of his first child and spent much time for training and education of his son. Thus Ellias spent his childhood and youth in an atmosphere of austerity and discipline, and quickly learned the many lessons of the Father.

The ritual of initiation does not become a problem for young Corsair, lessons, and discipline of the Father did their job turning the child into a strong and healthy boy. Small ship slipped through the asteroid field Malvada cloud and came back with the valuble loot on board. After that, he was given the honor to have one of the ancient daggers of the Fernandes famillia - The Corruptor.

In the mid of 817 A.S. after many years of work Ellias finally joined the Omega Pirate Guild and remained there under the "Curios" callsign until the dissolution of the guild. Later was one of the OPG remnants who created a new guild - The Black Sails.

However he left Black Sails not long ago for unknown reason. Rumors tells he was not agreeing with current course of Empire.

Currently he'v decided to part from the not_a_big_deal empire's stuff the 'Sails' were besy with and to fly alone in search of the new hope.


Fernandes Famillia Emblem

The only ship, which is direct property of Ellias is Black Dragon class VHF known as "Sails.Pride". But the Fernandes Famillia has a vast number of ships under their flags and Ellias may freely dispose of them at its discretion.

Two of them, Kraken and Apocalypse.Now, deserve the greatest attention. These warships had gained fame and an respect in Corsair Nation, as well as the hatred of enemies in a long time of service under the command of close friends of Fernandes Famillia and Ellias personaly.

Pi vheavy fighter.png
Very Heavy Fighter
Heavy Fighter
Black Dragon
Very Heavy Fighter

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