Omega Pirates Guild

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This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Corsairs.

Omega Pirates Guild
Origin Cadiz
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding 798 A.S. A.S.
Date of dissolution NEVER A.S.
Founder(s) Sparta (Gentle)
Current leader(s) Sparta (Gentle)
Base of operations Cadiz Base, Omega-5
Primary role
Piracy of goods and credits for the good of the Corsairs
Secondary role
Defending Corsair interests from hostile forces

The Omega Pirates Guild. The name speaks for itself, the [OPG] are Corsair pirates. They are mostly operating in Omega region, namely Omega 3, 5 and 41. Originating from Cadiz base, the Omega Pirates Guild grew to become one of the prime Corsair factions with it's downfalls and rises. The Omega Pirates Guild funded itself by pirating traders in the Omegas, Sigmas, Bretonia and Rheinland, funding a large fleet of Artifact smugglers with Omega Trading Company, the OTC, and running protection rackets.

In the late 817 A.S. Sparta, the Leader of the Omega Pirates Guild, went missing with rumors stating he's being held in the Liberty by the authorities.


The Omega Pirates Guild started as a small band of pirates. Sparta, found the Corsair pirates to be a disorganized rowdy bunch, that achieved very little. They didn't cooperate effectively among themselves, were easily overrun by House authorities, and very little of the spoils reached any Corsairs at Crete.

Sparta was disgusted, and started to recruit pirates and Omega Pirates Guild gained it's first members. Most of the pirates joined eagerly, and a few of the more stubborn pirates were forced into submission. The backbone of the Guild was formed of some of the most ruthless and toughest pirates among the Corsairs. As news spread of the success rates of Omega Pirates Guild raids on Crete, the youth of Crete were standing in lines to join and have their share of the adventure and spoils.

As the number of Omega Pirates Guild's pirates grew, so did their influence. Rather than being focused solely in piracy, Omega Pirates Guild expanded and ships were increasingly deployed in fleet operations. They quickly became the mainstay fleet of the Omegas, holding the lines against the Hessians and Mollies. As the Brotherhood weakened, the Omega Pirates Guild grew in it's place, and took over main Corsair operations. After various power struggles, gathering strength through negotiation or brute force, the Guild now stands as one of the biggest criminal groups in Sirius.

As the Omega Pirates Guild grew in size, Sparta, the Pirate King, picked out one of the outstanding pirates he could trust and made him his right hand man, the Overpirate. Together the Omega Pirates Guild's coffers grew even fatter, funds from traders. Some were caught in space, and 'donated' kindly under threat of violence and others decided it was easier to pay a periodical sum for Omega Pirates Guild's 'protection'.

The OTC, Omega Trade Corporation was formed soon after the Omega Pirates Guild gained a foothold among the Corsairs. Hiring Junkers and Corsairs, a fleet of various ships, trains, pirate transports, pirate trains, and whales was formed, with the sole purpose of providing income for the Omega Pirates Guild through smuggling Artifacts, and bringing back resources that the Corsairs needed.

The Omega Pirates Guild hold a seat in the Corsair Council, sharing governance over the Corsairs together with the Brotherhood, Benitez and other respectful Corsair clans and families and count them as blood brothers. The relationship was so strong that nothing could sway Sparta from his brethrens' side.

Toward the end of their reign, the Omega Pirates Guild set it's eyes on Bretonia. Envying, Cambridge's abundance of food, while the Corsair people starved. Corsair raids into Bretonia increased, spearheaded by the Omega Pirates Guild. The Gallia's invasion into the upper Bretonia helps the Corsairs by drawning and stretching the Armed Force's lines leaving the whole region to be left to fall into Pirate's hands.

Formerly, the Omega Pirates Guild are some of the most feared pirates in Sirius. Brutal and effective tactics made the Omega Pirates Guild feared among traders.

However, as of 817 A.S. the Sparta's madness and departure, and subsequent power vacuum left the Omega Pirates Guild fragmented and incoherent. In late 817, the ranking Omega Pirates Guild warlords officially announced the guild's disbandment, and most of it's members went independent or joined other Corsair subgroups.

But in 821 A.S. Cadiz crowd saw the numbers of familiar ships returning to it's docks with many Omega Pirates gathering again under the OPG flags. The throne was still empty but it's rumored that the Pirate's King is returning to Omegas to strike the cold fear in Corsair's enemies hearts once again.

Faction Details

Faction alignment

  • Corsair IFF
  • Corsair ID

Zone of interest (ZOI)

Primarily involved in piracy of traders in the Omega region and traders passing through the Cambridge system.

Ships in use

  • All Corsair ships.
  • Limited use of civilian ships.
  • Shared number of Praefect for special cases.
  • Shared number of Legate and Osiris for special cases.

Weapons in use

Piracy Targets

  • Independent traders not bringing aid to Crete or other Corsairs stations
  • Traders from the hostile list
  • All neutral, non faction traders not bringing aid to Crete
  • All non faction smugglers not bringing aid to Crete

OPG relations




  • Everyone not listed


  • Rheinland Navy
  • Rheinland Corporations
  • Bretonia Navy
  • Bretonia Corporations
  • Blood Dragons
  • Gas Miners Guild
  • Outcasts
  • Red Hessians
  • LWB
  • Mollies
  • Lane Hackers


Rank Description

Pirate King

The Pirate King is the highest ranking in the Omega Pirates Guild, all others answer to him.


Overpirates act as Pirate King's most trusted pilots, advisers and associates. They are there to rule with him but stay below him and run everyday Omega Pirates Guild operations.


Scourges are selected for their leadership and ruthlessness. They make sure the will of the Omega Pirates Guild is realized. Scourges make diplomatic decisions and are also in charge of guiding new members.

Scourge’s Mate

Scourge’s Mates mostly work together with their Scourge. Both scout for possible new recruits and if they see potential, they’re to guide them through the process of becoming a true Guild's member. Usually the scourge’s mates aren't in direct contact with the Pirate King or Overpirate. Communication goes via the scourge, who would then inform the higher ups.


Marauders are established Omega Pirates Guild members who has proven to be loyal and useful. They are mainly the brute manpower the Guild need in all kinds of situations. Marauders answers to both scourges and scourge’s mates. Communication with the higher ups goes via these as well.

Dock Rat

Any fresh recruit taking their arms and enlisting to the guild are starting here. Dock Rats are still wet behind the ears when it comes to Guild's fighting skills, piracy skills or smuggling skills. They are taken by Scourges, Scourge's mates or Marauders themselves and trained until they understand the basics of what every Corsair is. This is the most important period for the new recruit, as his first week is usually "do or die" while senior members of the Guild discover what's he made of. Of course, any proud son of a Corsair should have nothing to fear because OPG stands for things every Corsair has in their blood. Rats just need two slaps across the face to wake that blood up.

Recruiting process.

We're recruiting in game. Show your courage, skills or if you lack any just let us know you want to be one of us. You must be able to communicate on English as it's official server language, know the rules of the server and some basics about the Corsair lore.