Emmanuelle Mimieux

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Emmanuelle Mimieux
Origin Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Occupation Captain of Discordia
Gender Female
Affiliation Temporary Autonomous Zoner
Born Avallon Station


Before birth (710-713 A.G.S.)

As the Second Gallic War started on planet Marne in 710 A.G.S. Yvonne and Joseph Mimieux decided to leave Marne while they still could. In a Vache transport which they modified to a mobile home they took off into space. The next couple of years they spent most of their time in space, only docking to refit. in 713 A.G.S. They had no other choice then to travel to the nearest base, Avallon Station. Yvonne was 8.5 months pregnant and their daughter wouldn't wait any longer. On Avalon base a healthy girl was born. Emmanuelle Mimieux.

Early years (713-730 A.G.S.)

Emmanuelle was raised aboard the Vache, far away from war and from civilization. Her mother homeschooled her for all these years. On her 12th birthday in 725 A.G.S. she asked her parents the question they most feared. "What is war?" they carefully explained her and to their suprise their daughter seemed to be fascinated by every word. From that day on she spent most of her time searching the neural net for everything she could find about war and everything related to it. This went on for a couple of months, then she told her parents she wanted to become a Royal Navy Pilot. For the first time in her life, her parents punished her. She was locked up in her room and by the time she was allowed to leave it again, she didn't thought about war even once.

Civilization (730-733 A.G.S.)

When she turned 17 in 730 A.G.S. her parents allowed her to travel to Planet Nevers to get her civilian pilot ID. She took the exam and she failed. She wasn't used being around this many people and even though her parents warned her about "bad people" she wasn't careful enough and she got robbed. There she was, on an unknown planet without any credits. To embaressed to return to her parents and ask them for more credits she decided to take a job as a waitress. After 6 months she finally got enough credits to take a second attempt which she failed again. She lost all courage and accepted the fact that this will be her life... A clumpsy waitress who feels uncomfortable around strangers. She kept doing her job for 2 years, she got used to the strangers and even felt good here. She regained her courage and took the exam for a 3rd time, 5 months before her 20st birthday. She passed with the best score of the class. After that she contacted her parents, telling them she finally had her ID but that she wasn't returning home. She had one more thing left to do. On her 20st birthday she filled out an application for the GRN and got accepted. She was promoted to Sous-Lieutenant and was assigned to a Serval class heavy fighter.

Runaway (733 A.G.S. - 818 A.S.)

After just less then a year of service in the GRN it slowly came to Emmanuelle that this life wasn't ment for her, she couldn't take the violence... shooting people, she deserted the GRN and was living in hiding for a couple of months, mostly out of shame, until she got a hold of herself and realized this isn't how she wanted to grow old. After gathering all her courage she started her journey to Sirius, start a new life there, she bought a rusty old ship and the credits she had left she used to bribe a magistrate to erase her entire file. it's easier to hide when you don't exist on paper! Unfortunatly she had ran out of luck and during her adventure to Sirius she got shot down and her attackers left her for death in her escape pod. She had almost given up all hope when the Discordia picked up her beacon and came to rescue her.