ME-UH "Vache" Gallic Train

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ME-UH "Vache" Gallic Train
Gallic train.png
Ship Class Transport
Built by Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 0 / 7
Opt. weapon class 3
Max. weapon class 3
Other equipment
Hull strength 125,000
Max. shield class 6
Cargo space 4,250 units
Nanobots/Batteries 450/450
Max. impulse speed 90 m/s
Max. thrust speed 150 m/s
Max. cruise speed 350 m/s
Power output 60,000 u
Power recharge 5,000 u/s
Additional information
Ship price $80,000,000
Package price $80,600,120

As the territories of Gallia, even when aided by the usurped gate technologies of her sister colonies, continued to sprawl the need to move vast stores of precious resources from crop world to industrial, from smeltery to shipyard, grew ever more pressing. The simple core vessel, transporting a series of modular pods easily configured for the task at hand, quickly became the core staple of insterstellar house commerce.

While the divide has strained the easy acquisition of this vessel for some captains working to support Council efforts, the time honored pre-launch cry of "Fetchez La Vache" remains common in every port of Gallia.


  • This ship is too large to use docking bays, it must use mooring points.


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