Enriqueta González

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Enriqueta "Butcher" González
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Occupation Member of the Shaulanca Church, religious branch of The Shaulanca Fleet
Gender Female
Affiliation Pirate
Rank Unassigned
Status M.I.A
Born January 12, 794 A.S., Planet Crete

Enriqueta was born in Planet Crete, in Piedras Blancas Creek. She is the middle daughter of a medium wealth family who was part of a big group known as "The Triad of Slaughters". She is a member of the Shaulanca church, and pilot of the Shaulanca Fleet who wander through Sirius expanding its cult by free will or force.


The Triad

The Triad of Slaughters was a group which consisted of three families, operating from Piedras Blancas Creek in Planet Crete. The Triad was a small organization dedicated to the systematic exceution of prisoners, surgical extraction of their organs for further trade throughout Sirius

Early life

Enriqueta acquired the nickname "Butcher" after killing her boyfriend at the age of 14. The reasons remain unknown, most probably a fight. This would be the first of a series of uncontrollable assassinations in the following years, including her sister and her cousin, both younger than her.

Apparently, Enriqueta suffers of Schizophrenia; and she developed the disorder from a very early age, after experiencing the public execution of several prisoners, by one of the more sadistic "extractors" of the organization. She grew up as a social reject, with little to no friends. Her volatile personality would severe most emotional links she had with everyone. Isolation didn't do anything to help.

Escape from Crete

The reason for her escape is not clear. Enriqueta was heard talking alone many times, presumably an imaginary friend or entity created out of isolation. This situation got worse after she was locked in her room, and is believed that it was this being the one who "led" her to plan an escape from Crete. Enriqueta seems to have the ability to learn fast. She was trained in the use of fighters/bombers with the rest of young corsairs, but her training was immediately halted after a crisis mid-flight. Despite this, the basics where there, and Enriqueta learned the rest of the required skills from reading and simulation. At the age of 20 she escaped from Planete Crete on board a stolen Gladiator. While initially the family spent some time and effort looking for her, it was quickly assumed that she had killed herself.

Corsair Hitmen

As soon as Butcher found her way out of Crete, she was forced to take on any job available for money and food. She found a group of mercenaries, known for working for pirates. Her skills as marksman were subpar, but she quickly learned to shoot and became pretty good at it. Eventually she was contacted by a group of hitmen; despite being a paid grunt, Enriqueta always looked "too innocent for the job", which led to her enemies underestimating her. This caught the atention of a few hitmen, one of them would later become her boyfriend. Killing people was enough to keep Butcher at bay, but she couldn't stop ocassional crisis, which led to the hitmen group rejecting her. During one of her worst episodes, her boyfriend tied her up and boarded his freighter to Freeport 1, to meet a zoner doctor who could supposedly help.

The Shaulanca Fleet

It is unknown what exactly happened on board Butcher's boyfriend ship, but once they boarded, Her boyfriend was never seen again. Upon arriving at Freeport 1, instead of meeting the doctor, Butcher met a group of pilots who were passing by to Bretonian space. These pilots were known as followers of the Shaulanca church. All these pseudo-religious, shady pilots had their minds altered, either for pasts similar to that of Butcher's, or via torture and "forced" membership. Butcher finally found people which she considered equal, brothers. Butcher didn't hesitate to join and quickly became Shaulanca 10. It is here that Enriqueta found a home, where she could perform her rituals of torture.


After joining the Shaulanca Fleet, Butcher has become "happier", possibly for being amongst others like her who make her comfortable. However she usually remains silent, and is usually shy. She seems to exhibit a bi-polar disorder, which could actually be related to shcizophrenia. At times she gets extremely paranoid and frightened of her surroundings for reasons unknown. It is also known she speaks to an "imaginary friend" which she calls "Oracle" since she was a child. Butcher considers her only friends the members of the Shaulanca fleet, however since she has some strange concepts about almost everything, it is unknown as to what concept she she has of a friend. Butcher is shy, silent, and seemingly emotionless, she tends to act and talk in a depressive way. Butcher usually hides her eyes behind her front hair which goes down to her nose, as she tries to avoid direct eye contact, but also to hide her addiction to a few drugs. An interesting fact is that she is addicted to electronic devices (datapads, neuralphones, neuralcomputers, etc), and is pretty good at thinkering with them. She probably developed her addiction and associated skills during her time in isolation.


Enriqueta is surprisingly good at cooking, initially learnt as a hobby, her cooking skill have evolved with time. Her dishes usually consist of human parts, which seems to be not appealing for non-corsairs. Aside from cooking Enriqueta is good at personal combat, both with ranged weapons and hand to hand combat; skills she had developed since she was a child. She has also developed some skills at mechanics and repairs and knows basic electronics maintenance and service. She does lack any sort of social skills, aside from basic emotions and interactions.