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This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Corsairs.

The fallen Shaulanca Fleet
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Alignment Independent
Date of founding 20.09.818 A.S.
Date of dissolution N/A A.S.
Founder(s) Manuel Smith
Current leader(s) Manuel Smith
Base of operations Unknown
Primary role
To undermine the economy and the military power of Kingdom of Bretonia.
Secondary role
Gain as large a following as possible; rule all of Sirius
The Shaulanca Fleet is fallen, however the Shaulanca battleship and Shaulanca's-Shadow still exists. You can read the background story here.

The Shaulanca Fleet existed from July 2010 until winter 2012

This story is in chronological order.

The Founder

Manuel Smith

He was born of planet New London and grown up as a usual teenager. Every day, he saw soldiers of the Bretonia Armed Forces in the sky. In this moments he sank in a dream. The dream to be a hero, the dream to fight for Bretonia and the Crown. After leaving the school, he joined the Bretonia Armed Forces of Planet new London. He had some hard times there, not just hard, but physically hard. Like many others he faced violence against younger conscripts in the army and that changed him seriously, but unlike the others he became stronger. It all finished once a year later when Manuel killed four of officers who dicriminated him that hard - the materials of case №432.42 state that they were killed with the army knife that was borrowed from Ensign David Olaf, born 10.06.790. As Smith mentioned later, he just had no other way out of it - and their blood is still on that knife. Aside from romantic passages, Manuel was accused of murder and the final sentence - imprisonment for life was carried into effect on BPA Newgate. That's the place where the story starts.


Battleship Shaulanca

Battleship Shaulancatest.png

Six months later a Corsair Osiris with escort wing was ambushed by a large group of Molly. It was a planned operation with the goal to capture or kill Currito Jaramago, one of the commanders that led attack on Planet Cork in 802 A.S. The Corsair side lost nearly all the fighters and two gunboats were damage by dozens of fighters and bombers, but the Osiris continued to fight. It ended when the whole battlefleet led by Battleship Norfolk arrived on scene. It was meant to be the biggest success of Armed Forces for the last years - they managed to capture a legendary Osiris-class vessel and it was moved to the Planet Sarum orbit, declared a militarized zone for the time before it will be moved to a more secured location after the reactor will be stabilized.

Jaramago and Smith met in jail. At that moment Manuel managed to get a certain authority among the numerous Corsairs, Gaians and various terrorists, kept there for numerous, but terrifying reasons. Jaramango told Smith that the Elders will not let Bretonians capture the vessel and informed him of what to do. They used the mutiny they raised to escape the place thanks to one of the easy to bribe officers who sold his honor for a sum enough to start a new life, and on a shuttle escaped to the Holmfirth Base and with support of the radical wing of Gaians the assault on Sarum took place in twevle hours. That suicidal attempt succeed and while Battleship Illustrious was burning in the atmosphere, the damaged Osiris escaped through the jumpholes to Omega-5 and managed to pass through asteroid field to the safety. Currito Jaramago's bomber turned into fireball during the fight for a battleship and the officers decided that Manuel, while being a former Bretonian Armed Forces member, deserves to be accepted as the current captain after all the things happened.

The beginning of Manuel's Fleet

The fleet of Manuel Smith was taken shortly after the arrival of the battleship in the Cadiz Base Omega 5. The pilots who escaped along with Manuel News from the BPA Newgate wanted to continue working together with Manuel, and so did the fleet. Since Currito Jaramago died, Manuel got the battleship. The battleship is named Shaulanca and the fleet was given the label Shaulanca's-Revenge. Revenge, very simple. Manuel and the rest of his current colleagues want revenge on Bretonia. The Shaulanca fleet contributed to many massacres in Bretonia. Fighters of Shaulanca fleet proved to be very strong opponents and made the Armed Forces Bretonnia create first of all, but the Armed Forces Bretonia succeed more and more the fleet which is out for revenge, to retaliate.

One day, Manuel Smith learned about a man's deeds Shaulanca fleet has been observed over time, and his name was Eldeson Watson. This mysterious man is a prophet, and also a leader of a newly established religion which is also out for revenge, but to something else. Eldeson Watson comes from a different galaxy in which raged between two planets, a violent war due to starvation. Managed to escape Eldeson Watson, as his planet had lost the war. He vowed to someday return and take revenge. Nevertheless, he needs power, which he achieved only with a strong fleet. Manuel Smith was perfect for the Prophet, and so it was Eldesons task, to manipulate the leader of the Shaulanca Fleet. Manuels Fleet could be a tool of the Darkness. Darkness because it was always night at Eldesons home planet. Darkness stays for Revenge, for the evil side. For many, the story of Eldeson Watson sounds very credible in what Manuel Smith was at the beginning of the case. But Manuel has more and more time spent with Eldeson, and finally got Manuel a total brainwashing. This is indeed not surprising, since Manuel was young and still a relatively unexperienced leader. What Eldeson's Faith exactly is, or to put it better, story is, will you see in the chapter The Faith of the Fleet Shaulanca.

The Faith

In a distant galaxy, far away from Sirius sector a long time ago there was an implacable war between two planets. The first planet was named Vilutra and the other planet was called Surulas. Those planets were both suffering from famine, the population was still not high enough. Since there were no other planets in the vicinity of this sector, there had been only one way for both planets: the war. The military of Planet Vilutra had the name Vilustans. The Millitary of planets Surulas had the name Surulans. The famine on the two planets was due to a disaster in space. An unknown planet came into the solar system and burned up because it got too close to the sun. Several huge boulders hundreds of miles in diameter flew at the two planets. After the holocast both planets began trying to preserve food and business began to seize, but a war broke out. The ruler of planet Vilutra Samuel Multres invested as many resources as necessery in manufacturing warships. His military, the Vilustans also recieved an order to begin a fast tactical attack on planet Surulas. In total there were 3 moons in this solar system. For a long time the Vilustans oppupied two of the moons and their tactic succeeded, Surulas's siege was strong. At that moment neither military had developed battleships. Due to the Surulans's defensiveness they had only a single moon. This tactic was done only because the Surulans had made it possible to reduce their need of lunar resources, which were important for a building a capital fleet. It was possible for the Surulans to build a battleship, which, though not strong, was able to act as a carrier to squadrons of snubcrafts and maintain a strong advantage. The Vilustans thought they would win the war, but suddenly a battleship undocked from the moon which belonged to the Surulans.

The battleship of the Surulans

The battleship made with all combat ships on the way to the first moon. The Vilustans had to stand on this moon their most ships and there were all damaged boats repaired most quickly. The battleship Surulans managed to successfully take the moon. They have taken hostages, stealing ships and were now much more resources. The Surulans did not have much time because they did not know what the Vilustans might have up his sleeve. So they went away and set course for the second moon. There, there was a battle which had heavy losses for both sides. The battleship Surulans had to withdraw because the defensive towers of the moon were too strong. The fighting ships of the Surulans however, were quick and agile enough to save the shots of the towers to cause trouble.

The last moon of the Vilustans is under heavy attack by the Surulans

Noted by the Surulans also ultimately the third moon and Vilustans remained only their planet. Planet Vilutra was a planet on which it was always dark. It was permanent night. The planet Vilutra described himself as a planet of darkness. It was only possible to see him good when in space are some explosions.

planet Vilutra is under attack

The Vilustans had no choice, her planet was attacked and they have already had to disappear as quickly as possible. One of the admirals of the Vilustans was Eldeson Watson. He was responsible for the the escape. The planet of darkness had barely fighting ships, but they still had a massive scale with the freighter they succeeded most of the population of Vilutra take. They flew away and hoping for a new home, they hoped to find a system where they can do exactly what did the Surulans with them. The Vilustans knew the way back and knew exactly where to find Planet Surulas. Their goal was to overrun the planet Surulas to destroy him and what is left to claim for themselves. Eldeson Watson and the other volatile flew towards Sirius sector. They came into the house where they were headed for Bretonia Planet New London. There, the volatile meisst changed their name and began a new life. One of the few that have not changed their names was Eldeson Watson. He wanted to keep his name, he stands by his former people. He vowed that he built a fleet that is strong enough to take planets, stations and even solar systems. The fleet will increase from hour to hour, in the end he was also the goal to take Sirius. When he got Sirius, will Sirius produce battleships, and his military forces will attack Planet Suluras and after his army destroyed Surluras and the army is powerful enough to own everything he has always wanted: power and might. He want to be one of the most mightfull peoples in space. Eldeson it does not matter what he must do to get his revenge, it is no matter for whom he must kill, to sacrifice what he has or where he has to go. Eldeson Watson has made the acquaintance of the Zoners. The relationship between him and the Zoners was very good, but they did not know who he really is. As Eldeson Watson had enough money to buy a vessel which is capable of jumping to other solar systems, he flew into the system Omega 49 and landed on Planet Gran Canaria. There he proved to the Zoners as a friend and got an old church which was already badly damaged to be repaired and was in urgent need. But that it did not matter. Eldeson was lucky, the church is so corrupt that he got quite a gift. Now it was time to spread his story. For the most peoples is this a faith, but for Eldeson it is reality. What he needs now is peoples with a great influence on other people and thus it could succeed him to found a religion that is going on and believes in its brutal history. Manuel's Fleet believe in his history, and they help him. The Fleet is known now as The Fleet of the Darkness The most interesting point on the dark Shaulanca fleet is probably that they are no longer Corsairs. Because of conflicts.

Planet Gran Canaria is the planet, where the Church of a dark religion with a strange faith stays. This dark religion has the primary target to bring the darkness over one of the biggest part in the sirius sector: Bretonia. The suns shall be dark and it shall be impossible for the peoples of the planets, to live there. Still, the followers of the dark faith should supposedly live on the planets. In short: The dark religion and their followers want to conquer Bretonia.

The Fleet of the Darkness


Since then, Manuel was given a brainwashing is exactly the same happened with his fleet mates. Since Eldeson Watson has a Church on planet Gran Canaria now it is the sacred place for Manuel's fleet. The fleet of darkness aims to take every system in Sirius and ultimately to complete on their own have to exercise and Manuel Eldeson an even greater power, attack and other galaxies. The most important point for Eldeson however, is to take revenge on Planet Sulutra.

First of all, the fighting intensified Shaulanca fleet against Bretonia Armed Forces. The first and one of the greatest goals from Manuel was completely to claim Bretonia for themselves and ultimately take. Bretonia should fall, the sun will be dark and the planets to be infested with pests. The Shaulanca fleet had their first base in Omega 50 To be precise, based Mindelo. The activity of Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army in Omega 50 was very high. Nevertheless, Omega 50, despite the danger of a wonderful system, because the Church of the fleet is only one system was removed on Planet Gran Canaria in the system Omega 49.

Shaulanca's - claw wing


After the foundation of the Shaulanca's Fleet, where the best pilots grouped into wings. The Claw-wing, the Jaw-wing and the wing-Talon. The Claw-wing was a squadron from 8 skilled pilots under the lead of Manuel Smith himself. But after the new organization of the Shaulanca's fleet, Smith gave the lead to Jesus Garcia Tova, a budding, young and well briefed pilot. The Claw-wing soon began to get the only wing of the Shaulanca's fleet, after the Talon-wing was defeated in Omicron-41 and the Jaw-wing doubted the greater darkness and the goals of the new direction, the Shaulanca was leading to. Before the new goals showed off the Claw-wing squadron was to interception and infiltration. It was used to scout for enemy forces and weaken them until the Revenge-wings arrive. For these tasks, the claw-wing only used Heavy Fighter class vessels. Crushing the enemy with massive force was not their business, they hit the enemy where it hurts the most and went out before enemy forces could know what hit them. With the new goals showing up, the Claw-wing got new tasks. Because the claw-wing has operated on it's own in the past, it was the perfect squadron to spread propaganda or do special missions in the name of the darkness. The Claw-wing is the greatest bringer of the darkness, they try to create it everywhere but then it's their task to collect new Cultist all over Sirius. Today the Claw-wing is more than a strike force, it's the elite of the Shaulanca. Only the best and most skilled convinced pilots get into the Claw-wing. You will see the Claw-wing everywhere the darkness spreads her tentacles, fighting in the front rank and vanish like dust if needed.

Method to get new members

The method of the Shaulanca Fleet to get new members:

Manuel Smith asked its fleet to spread the faith. The Revenge Shaulanca's-group flies in the Bretonia systems and spread propaganda. What can this propaganda, which is totally insane cause, it is also the first method to get new members:

There was once a soldier in the Armed Forces Bretonia, who was on patrol and the propaganda of the fleet with Shaulanca heard. He found it incredibly interesting and was the dreary life as a soldier, eh sorry. He was lucky that he has not seen the patrol on this Shaulanca fighters, otherwise they would have a battle to what would later become his undoing. He has many days thinking about whether he will try to join the Shaulanca fleet. He decided that he tried it. So he flew with two comrades of Bretonia Armed Forces regularly patrol and has managed to contact one of the private Shaulanca produce ships. The dark fighter and the soldier could talk undisturbed. The soldier has proposed that the fighters Shaulanca an idea that was executed. The Shaulanca ships and the patrol of Bretonia Armed Forces clashed, the future traitor of Bretonia gave the order to attack the Shaulanca ships, but has shot intentionally wrong. Without the help of the soldiers who soon joins the Shaulanca fleet, died Bretonia the Armed Forces. For a week was not heard from the soldiers, it was assumed that all three died. This is not so, because in reality, the ex-soldier of the Armed Forces on Bretonia Planet Gran Canaria, unarmed, in the church which is part of Shaulanca fleet. The ex-soldier volunteered to join the fleet, but got off and had to basically brainwashing either way join the fleet. Had he not done so, he would have ended as a slave or you would have killed him. So it was a trick, a sneaky trick. This can be seen to what each of the sick Shaulanca fleet are capable of, and the favorite playing were even crazy before they joined the fleet.

The second method is to put a curseon a person. In the belief it is a curse, in fact, it seems only to be the case that you try this method as long persuades the person until they join. If they want to join, the curse has not worked. It should therefore be a curse, because you are trying to persuade the person to such an extreme that you get nightmares, the voices of the followers who persuaded the person should continuously be heard in the minds of the cursedpeople.

The third and last method thus: The Prison Liner Abandoned.Hope There's not much to say. Prisoners receive from brainwashing and attempts to hold them on the side of the dark religion of the fleet is Shaulanca.

Shaulanca's - shadow


There is a Gunboat, which is controlled by Manuel Smith. This Gunboat which he flies is not normal. Shortly after the formation of Shaulanca fleet got the Shaulanca fleet a Claymore Gunboat. This is a Gunboat which is produced by the Gaian. The Gaian grouping Natures Last Hope has entrusted the Shaulanca fleet. Manuel Smith has decide to use this Claymore Gunship against the Bretonia Armed Forces. He had to take special examinations in the church, and it was found out that he has the gift to control his ship with thoughts. Whether this works physically is another question. Nevertheless, the Shaulanca Fleet does strongly believe in it. Manuel Smith is now flying the dangerous Claymore Gunboat. This ship is to be a genuine instrument of destruction, as it also fights for the darkness. Because the Battleship Shaulanca is the real gem of Manuels Fleet, Manuel has given the Claymore gunboat following name: Shaulanca's-Shadow.

The Gunboats of the Shaulanca's-Revenge group had some problems in Bretonia because the Bretonia Armed Forces has a lot of powerful ships, so Shaulanca's-Shadow is the tool of the dark Claw Wings hosted by Jesus Garcia Tova cited. Shaulanca's-Shadow is the dark creature of the Claw Wings personally. If a person see the dark Shadow, is sentenced to death and the shadow of Shaulanca will come sooner or later, and the person who saw the Shadow needs to die. Even if Manuel Smith is the fleet leader, the Claw Wing has its own strategy for fights and its own leader.

The Shaulanca Fleet left the Corsairs


The most interesting point on the dark Shaulanca fleet is probably that they are no longer Corsairs. Because of conflicts. Planet Crete, the home of the Corsairs, but still not the right place for the warriors of Manuel's Fleet. Manuel Smith's Fleet is something different. The population of Planet Crete don't really know the Shaulanca Fleet and Manuel had something to do for the Corsairs. What he need to do? And what he get? Its simple. Manuel's Fleet was under the flag of the Corsairs and they used even her Ships and guns. But one day, they got problems with other Corsairs. They said, the Shaulanca Fleet should show the Corsairs that they are willing to do something for the mightfull Corsair folk. They get guns, weapons but they do something different things. At this time, where Manuel got a warning from other Corsairs, Crete was often under the attack by huge Outcast Fleets. They came from the other side of the deep Omicron systems. The battleship of the darkness, the Shaulanca, flew to planet Crete and the Warriors of the Fleet was for a while of planet Crete. The biggest problem was, there stood no Church. The Shaulanca Fleet got for the next few months a big house, a kind of villa of planet crete. For the first time, it was pretty nice for the dark believer even if they thought, the corsairs are not really the best folk. The main reason why they flew under her flag was, that they have mightfull guns and ships to take the control of Bretonia and other sectors. At one day attacked a group of peoples the villa of the darkness Fleet. They attacked the villa with mollotow cocktails, grenades and with guns. It was at night and the peoples slept in the villa, so it was a very big surprise. Nobody of Manuel's warriors died, but some came in the hospital. One thing was for sure, it was Corsairs. Manuel never really liked the Corsair's, even if they saved his life, but he do not like her kind of character. Before Manuel came to planet crete, he had a bad feeling, if he should really do it. It was understandable, he was scared. Maybe do the Corsairs not like Manuel's and Eldeson's religion? Maybe the corsairs don't want have Manuel's religion under the flag of the Corsairs. However, Manuel decided at the next day to left the Corsairs. The Corsairs made a lot of trouble, especially the Black Sails. The relation to other groups in sirius it totally destroyed in Manuel's eyes and it wasn't possible to come closer to one group like the beatiful gaians. It was possible for the Shaulanca Fleet to come close to some groups, but with a lot of problems. The diplomacy is the biggest problem for Manuel. The Fleet of Manuel should be free, they should be in complete sirius. So Manuel decided to make his Fleet to an independent pirate fleet. He haven't seen a other way out of this. His benefit's was, that he has some good contacts to other groups in Sirius and his Fleet would find fast a base for operations. But leaving the Corsairs wasn't so easy than he thought. The dark Shaulanca Battleship stood in front of planet crete. The technical defendsystems was good enough to fight alone against enemy ships. While the Shaulanca Battleship stood in the space, tried the dark warriors to flee with the wonderful Corsair ships. But the Corsairs didn't liked that, they forced Manuels Fleet to fly away with her damn Border world ships and her some Mamoru Bombers. The corsairs put their activity more on what happened right on the planet, so they forgot the Battleship. While Manuel's fleet distracted the Corsairs he gave his Battleship a command to leave Omicron Gamma as soon as possible. Manuel's Fleet flew away with all her Border world ships in direction: Omicron Kappa. The Shaulanca Battleship was already in Omicron Kappa, near a jumphole to Omicron Delta. Manuel had a good plan, The battleship was keep it simple, he did not give up this wonderful ship. It had to flee into hiding, and it had far from Omicron Gamma and the Corsairs!

One month later reached Manuel's Fleet Planet Toledo in the Omicron Minor system. The Shaulanca Fleet support the Order against the known Wilds, Nomads and Bounty Hunter. The Shaulanca Battleship fly now under the flag of the Order and the rest of the Shaulanca Fleet is still making terror in sirius. The Shaulanca Battleship is submerged and hidden. A lot of peoples in sirius says that the warrior of Manuels Fleet are crazy, especially Manuel should be very crazy. Manuel does really try to manipulate people to get them for the dark side.

The fleet is still propagated Shaulanca. They keep going they will win fights against Sirius and want to get the control over sirius sector. Manuel's followers continue to fly around in all of Sirius and the submerged and hidden dark battleship Shaulanca, is, according to rumors in Omicron Minor.

The four elements of the Darkness


The Fleet of the Darkness has four important elements of the darkness. Epidemic, Darkness, Frost and Cold. How it happened?

Manuel Smith organized a meeting with Eldeson Watson, his dark knights and all followers. The meeting was in the dark church. Manuel has a new idea. Psychological warfare is a very nice thing, he knew that since a long time but he want to use it more. It isn’t enough for Manuel if the dark ships just looks dark, and if people see that the dark knights fights for the dark Shaulanca Fleet. Manuel need darker turrets for the Battleship of the Darkness. The Shaulanca Battleship shall be the most dangerous and darkest Battleship not only in Sirius, but in the complete universe. So Manuel must produce weapons that exist only once. And only for his Battleship of the Darkness. People should don’t know anything about the guns and information should be available nowhere. Manuel and Eldeson knows something about two diamonds in the universe. Nobody know where this diamonds are. However this diamonds are not normal diamonds, so they are loaded with a lot of power. What makes them so strong? An old legend says:

‘’ In a system, not far away from the ‘’Sirius sector’’ is a dark blue diamond. This diamond was in the hands of a mighty nation. A mighty nation which wanted to destroy Sirius with the mighty diamond. This diamond stood in a huge magic hall with a lot of shining blue lights. The color of the diamond changed from blue to dark blue. Nobody know why it changed to dark blue. However this diamond was stolen by a criminal group in this mighty nation. An small group which wanted the power alone for their self. Unfortunately the small group was very strong and both groups fought for the diamond. The mighty nation had around 3000 people and maybe just 500 of them joined an small group which wanted to have the power of the diamond for themselves alone. The 500 man group fought with guns, and swords against the 2500 man group. It was understandable that the 2500 man group will win, however they lost around 2100 people. So just left 400 people. Four hundred people who want destroy everything in the Sirius Galaxy. It was hard, and they didn’t made it. Most probably is the system, with two planets, some dark clouds and three stations not far away from the Corsair space. The Corsairs brought a hand full of Battleships to the secret system and a lot of fighters and the small nation, with only 400 people left died. They didn’t had any chance. The system still exist today, and somewhere in sirius exist a jumphole which let people jump to the system. Because nobody knows the name of the system, it is called: ‘’System Bludi’’. Bludi stays for ‘’Blue Diamond’’. All stations in this system are destroyed and nobody lifes on the planets. The corsairs wasn’t interested in the diamond, but if its true that this diamond has a lot of power, then it is the right stone for every criminal leader of a organization or Fleet.’’

The Shaulanca Fleet still knows one ‘’allied’’ Corsair. He isn’t really allied, but he is still telling Manuel some informations.

Manuel Smith thought it is possible to build dangerous weapons with the power of this diamond. And indeed it is. The power of this diamond is: The temperature of the diamond is very cold and the temperature is like a planet with always -360° C. This diamond could let drop down the temperature of every weapon. Usually the temperature of weapons is very hot if they shoot. However not with the diamond. The environment around the diamond is very cold. It has a range of 5 kilometers and still until 10 kilometers people and other objects can notice the cold. So Manuel Smith spoke with Peter.O’Glev. He is a dark knight of his church and he know the Corsair quiet well who tell sometimes the Shaulanca Fleet some informations about Corsairs. So Manuel got enough informations to find system Bludi. It wasn’t far away from the Corsair systems. The internal temperature of the Shaulanca Fleet searched the destroyed wrecks of the stations and did land on the planets. Finally the Shaulanca Fleet found the diamond on a cold planet with a lot of snow. The knights of Manuels Fleet brought the diamond to the Shaulanca Battleship. Manuel's fleet designed special suits that protects people from extreme cold. However the dark Fleet has broken the diamonds in several pieces and they will be used now for Battleship Turrets of Gas Miners Guild. The color of the of the Gas Miners Guild Battleship Turret looks blue, blue stays for frost and cold. So frost turrets.

Frost and Cold

First of all: The internal temperature of the Shaulanca Battleship is lower than before, way lower. The area around 10 kilometers around the dark Shaulanca Battleship gets colder. So if ships come closer to the Shaulanca, or stations, they notice the cold. The internal temperature of other ships does sink. If they do stay to long in the area of the dark Shaulanca Battleship, it could be dangerous.

The Shaulanca Battleship does not only make the area in the space dark around herself, but also the internal temperature of other ships drops down. If the ships stay to long in the area of the dark Shaulanca Battleship, the systems will no longer get full power. The doors inside of the ships will freeze and the people can’t move from a room to a other room in the ship. The Shaulanca Battleship can control the cold, nevertheless spared the battleship, only the following groups: The Order, the Gaians and the Zoners.

The temperature of the Frost Turrets is very low. So the shots if they hit a ship, could let drop down the internal temperature of a ship which have not a good hull. However the internal temperature could only drop down if the hits hit a Fighter or bomber ships. Frost Turrets symbolize the power of the darkness. The Shaulanca Fleet does think that the power of the broken pieces from the diamond, does let drop down the temperature of the turrets so strong, that the internal temperature of ships drop down.

The Epidemic:

Manuel Smith forced his Fleet to search things outside of Sirius, to build epidemic turrets. The system where they searched, is a system in the deep south of Sirius, not far away from Omega 47. There the Shaulanca Fleet found a planet with gas and some kilometres away a station with a lot of working people who try to get the gas. It was poison gas. Probably this people worked for a other criminal group, maybe outside of Sirius. It is even possible that they just researched for a Military like the Bretonia Armed Forces and it should be a secret and it will be even ever a secret.

Epidemic guns would be not just dangerous for planets, it would be a catastrophe for planets and for the population. To use epidemic guns is a important strategy for Manuels Smith’s Fleet because they can let people die without any problems on planets. So thinks Manuel. What is the different between the epidemic bombs which were used by the Shaulanca’s-Claw Wing and the new epidemic turrets? The different is simple: The dark and powerful Shaulanca can shoot now with the epidemic turrets. The Shaulanca has just two of them, but they are way more powerful than the most guns and turrets in the universe. The damage on ships isn’t very high with it, but on planets. Epidemic guns are actually turrets for battleships by the Zoners because they looks green And green is for Manuel the color of poison and epidemic. floors of the turrets are still being processed, it can be done inside glass bottles with a dangerous poison gas. However this poison gas isn’t in truth really dangerous when it emerges on the planet because the temperature of the projectile when they fire will be heated so much that much gas is lost before the shots reach the planet or her target. However it is still possible, because of the broken pieces of the cold diamond which sink the temperature of the shots. So the catastrophe If this shots hit a planet, is very huge.

The Darkness in battles:

The darkness isn’t only just a kind of faith, or a section. The darkness itself is even a element for battles, except all the other elements. Whoever does see the ships of the darkness. If people see a dark knight of the Shaulanca Fleet in the space, the area around the ship will be dark. It depends on the size of the ship. So the area of the Shaulanca Battleship looks very dark. The Captains of the enemy Battleships, and the pilotes of enemy ships aren’t able to see the dark fleet ships anymore. Their systems and scanners are the one and only thing they can still use to see them.

ruin of the Shaulanca Fleet

Over time, the Shaulanca Fleet lost a lot of dark knights. Some died in the struggle against the military or the police. And others are missing in action. The fleet Shaulanca fought activitely with the Order against the Nomads and Bounty Hunters in last time. The relation between Manuel's Fleet and the Order was very well. Manuel Smith lost his best dark knights in battles against the nomads. The Shaulanca Fleet can no longer afford enough force to fight against the military and police of the houses. to take revenge on the nomads and to show his gratitude to the Order, Manuel Smith has joined the Order primary Fleet. Mike acres, former member of Manuel's Fleet, has taken over command of the Shaulanca battleship. The Shaulanca Fleet does not exists anymore and the rest of the Shaulanca Fleet is part of Shaulanca's crew now. The church on planet Gran Canaria does not exist anymore.

Shaulancas Shadow returns

Sirius was happy, but the nightmare is back: the worst has come into force: Shaulancas Shadow returns! Shaulancas Shadow appeared for some years ago in Sirius and killed thousand of people. Manuel Smith was the pilot, but who controls the Shadow Claymore now? It's unknown, but it must be someone of the fallen Shaulanca Fleet who wants to get the final revenge. After the fall of the Shaulanca Fleet most of survived knights just joined Shaulanca battleships crew. Some of them joined other criminal organisations in sirius, but one of them has just taken the Claymore Gunboat Shaulancas Shadow and takes matters into his own hands.

Whoever he is, but he has sworn to fight for his old leader Manuel Smith and he decided to support the Sirian Vanguard, a small terrorist organisation with the goal to release sirius and to safe people but in truth they have other goals...

Diplomacy of the fallen Shaulanca Fleet

Faction Relationship
The Order - Order|
Temporary Autonomous Zoners [TAZ]
The Omicroners (]o[)
Omicron Supply Industries - OSI
The Black Dragon Society [|]
[U]~Gaian Underloch
Kusari Naval Forces [KNF]
Kusari State Police [KSP]
Kusari Corporation
Liberty Rogues - LR
101st Outcast Guard[101st]
Artisan Farmers Alliance [AFA]
Independent Miners Guild - IMG
The Benitez Family - Benitez
The Brotherhood [TBH]
The Black Sails |Sails
Red Hessians [RHA]
Everybody else
The Rising Sons ]bd[
Bounty Hunters Guild - BHG|
Bounty Hunters Guild Core - BHG|Core
Virulian Enclave VE|
Gas Miners Guild - GMG|
House Corporations
House Police
House Military
The Wild
Bretonia Police Authority - BPA)
At War
Bretonia Armed Forces - BAF|
At War

Ships and Weapons of the fallen Shaulanca Fleet





Weapons of the fallen Shaulanca Fleet


Granted ships of the fallen Shaulanca Fleet (in 4.85)


Dsy gaiangb.png


Rogue Gunboat


Very Heavy Fighters

1. Black Dragon: Shaulanca's-Revenge-2
2. Black Dragon: Shaulanca's-DILUVIUM



1. Mamoru: Shaulanca's-Eye
2. Mamoru: Shaulanca's-Revenge-3
3. Mamoru: Shaulanca's-Revenge-16