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Eric Stone
Eric Stone.jpg
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Occupation Captain of Euphoria.Discordia
Gender Male
Affiliation Temporary Autonomous Zoner
Born 18 May 816 [A.S] Planet Crete

Eric Stone grew up on Planet Crete in Omicron Gamma. As years passed in his life his parents saw he loves the Tech and like to work with it. He started to make security feeds and progams for keeping helping his father on his way in space. So he would benefit of a more fast activation of the cruise engines as well as recovering of the shields. The guns he wasn't that interested about. As he dislikes the killing of others. "Who has the right to judge about a life?"

After some of these events the Corsair navy found him. And hoped he could help out to improve their ships. As he was working together with some others on a new model of the M4 "Legionnaire". But when he saw an Zoner docked at Planet Crete. He saw the Zoner Destroyer. From that day on he wanted to have such a ship. Sadly in the mere future it was not possible. As he had to finish the model first.

2 Years later. The model was finisht and he decided to explore the universe. But he wanted to go his own way. So he tought about the zoner he saw around. Also the small chat he had with him. So he decided to contact him. So he did. 4 months went by.. No response at all. He was beginning to think he was maybe killed or something bad had happened to him. But just at that point he had a new incomming message. It was him!

Copy of the Transmissions

Kallisti Eric Stone,

A long while ago i have spoken to you. You where still a young lad when i met you. How are things now? I heard a lot about your work on the Corsair ships. And your father is fond of you. But i don't think he likes the fact you want to Explore the universe. As its dangerous these days with even evil nomads waiting for you around the corner. But if you want to come along with me on my next trip to bretonia. As i have heard of a strange nebula there. It might be dangerous, but its for you to decide.

Will await your reply. Captain Newberry

Good Day Captain Newberry,

I am fond to get this response. As i was on a camping trip at the gorge of Samaria on Planet Crete. I was thinking about what to focus on during my life, as everyone needs something greater to attain in order to evolve. And didn't know one at first. Was empty in my head. Even all the improvements i allready made on my fathers ship and on the Corsair ships. But then suddenly i see a squirrel passing by near the water. And i see him looking and exploring the whole section around it. And then it hits me. I want to see more of the universe. So i contacted you Captain Newberry. As i was thinking about your ship.

So you may come and pick me up. For me to join your crew. I might even have some improvements for your ship.

Greetings, Eric Stone

Kallisti Eric Stone,

Well get your suitcases, i shall arrive in 2 weeks. When i arrive i have to refuel take some resupplies and we rest for a few days and then we take of and a new part of your life will start. I shall introduce you to my family and some of my friends wich some will be onboard when i arrive at Planet Crete.

23's Captain Newberry

End copy the Transmissions

After the last response of Captain Newberry, Eric stone looked at the time when Captain Newberry did sent his last response. He came to the conclusion it was almost 11 days ago! So he didn't have that much time anymore. So he started to clean out his room. And informed his parents he will leave in a few days. His parents where proud on him. His mother had some problems as he was their only child. Then it was time to tell it to 1 more.. His girlfriend...

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