Omicron Gamma

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Omicron Gamma
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Governing House Flag-corsairs.png Imperio del Corsario
Omicron Kappa
Omicron Theta
Omicron Xi

Half of the ship crews aboard Hispania decided to leave the ship using the shuttles. They gradually landed on this system, and began the life of harvesting Artifacts, and engaging various acts of piracy. They became the Corsairs, and took this system as their home. Over the years, they have built a further base besides the home world, Planet Crete, and named it Tripoli Shipyard.

One of the Jump Holes that leads to the Omicron Kappa system exists at here. However, the frequent intervention by Nomads does not invite ships lingering around the area. Over the time that place became one of the trial grounds for the young Corsairs, and gained the infamous nickname of "Graveyard of Innocents".

This system has 2 nebulae. A small Walker Nebula called the Gredos Cloud, and a large green Edge Nebula which covers half the system, called The Maldava Cloud. It is worth noting the system's star does not glow very brightly, and looks like a large orange planet.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Red Dwarf

  • Type: M6
  • Luminosity: V
  • Color: Red
  • Temperature: 3K
  • Mass: 1.45 x 10e30 kg
  • Diameter: 0.92 x 10e7 km
  • Corona Radius: 6 K
Planet Crete.jpg
Planet Crete
Inhabited -- Corsairs
Planet Cella Dor.jpg
Planet Cella Dor

  • None
  • Gredos Cloud
  • Malvada Cloud
  • Tenereife Asteroid Field
Industrial Development
Faction Presence
Lawful Factions
Corporations & Guilds
Unlawful Factions

System Map

Areas of Interest


Malvada Cloud


SCANNING......profiling indicates a massive nebula cloud, but temographic imaging is unable to ascertain any details of its internal structure.

Gredos Cloud

Part of the Walker Nebula. Scans show a high concentration of lava asteroids.

Asteroid Fields

Tenereife Asteroid Field

A small rock asteroid field containing the Corsair base Tripoli Shipyard.

Jump Gates/Holes

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