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Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Affiliation Corsairs (The Black Sails)
Rank Sovereign
Born Unknown, Unknown (age: early 30's)
Died Still alive

Leader of the Corsair group known as The Black Sails. He is known to change moods very often and only a simple thing as silence can sometimes make him angry with you. Doesn't like people that are rude or impolite and generally treats people in a similar manner they treat him. Sometimes describable as a ruthless barbarian, other times a a gentleman pirate. Favors flying one of his ships through Omicrons and Omegas. Omega 41 is a special place for him due to the Neutron Star which he finds amusing.

Personal Bio

Little to none is known about the origin of this man. Only one thing is certain, that he is Corsair. The usual Hispanic body features and the fact that he was found in a Red Hessian slave liner with signs of extensive torture (specifically, the "C" cauterized on his left thigh, bruises, some broken ribs and multiple whip and electro-shock wounds) on his body clearly say so.

Theories are that he used to be a fighter-pilot in Omega 47 or Omega 5 and fell into Hessian hands after a fight. Taken for interrogation, he was tortured extensively and injected experimental truth-serums which caused his long-term memory to malfunction, as he fails to recall his childhood, siblings, parents, friends or even his own name ever since. Since he was found his memory serves him well, with occasional black-outs.

Currently residing with his garrison on Cadiz Base, he concentrates on bringing pretty much any usable material to the Corsair nation. Being re-taught everything he probably used to know about space-combat by Grimly, Antonio Devivar and Karolis - to whom he owns his life (or at least used to), he seemed to be a natural. Probably because of subconscious memories of his previous life.

Espi is known to be often flying without wings for some reason, and soon after him docking without wings, people fly out of Cadiz airlocks. The technicians taking care of his ships are strictly monitored and logged. He lately started to repair his own ships, but all of the materials used are heavily stressed and not easy to repair to a working condition. This is why Espi concentrated on raiding ship-building material transports from Bretonia to Rheinland and vice-versa. Any surplus cargo of these head to the Gamma shipyards to support the Corsair war-production.

Being the Sovereign of the Black Sails, he is an experienced pirate that utilizes hit and run tactics. However, when needed, can bite back most attackers with whatever ship he might currently fly. Having spearheaded dozens of raids into Bretonian and Rheinland territory, he knows the mostly used shipment and patrol routes. He is also familiar with Libertonian and Kusari territory - the result of non-agressive (unless in self defense) artifact smuggling runs.

Espi's prisoners do not often live to tell the tales of his interrogation methods, since after they say all they know - and they always talk (a wide collection of tools and chemicals ensures that) - they mostly end up on Etna base for organ processing. The Corsair war fronts never have enough fresh organs for their soldiers. Intercepted Bretonian and Rheinland tourist liners ensure a stable supply of these.

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