Evangeline McDowell

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Evangeline Anastasia McDowell
Eva current.jpg
Origin Planet New London, Bretonia
Affiliation Junkers
Born 02 / 12 / 797 AS

Core Information

Evangeline Anastasia McDowell, or "Eva" is a Junker of Bretonian origin. She features buttocks-length blonde hair, blue eyes and a mediocre bust line, standing at a pocket-sized 158cm tall and topping the scales at a beetleweight 53.5kg.

Despite her decidedly tomboyish nature and rat-bag lineage, Evangeline, albeit after some preening, has a distinct air of royalty around her. Her soft, flawless complexion; modest, almost juvenile construction and pristine blonde hair expertly disguise the young woman's true nature. Were she to prefer clothing and behaviour more suitable for someone of such heritage, she would be, without exaggeration, looking the part of a member of the Bretonian Noblesse.

Without any formal education, Evangeline can be lacking when it comes to technical intelligence and often becomes embarrassed when her limited knowledge runs out. However, she has excellent mechanical aptitude and enough common sense to be able to grasp most situations she finds herself in.

Although Evangeline now exists as a nomadic Freelancer, her heart still lives with Bretonia. Evangeline despises Kusari Government and society - however she has never held any grudges against Kusari civilians. Known in the past to have mercilessly destroyed Kusari Naval ships, she has made a point of leaving Kusarian civilians and refugees - anyone not involved in the war - alone. She applies the same beliefs to Liberty and Rheinland - having issues with the Governance and centres of power for both; but holding nothing against the "Joe Averages" who make up the population of the houses.

Evangeline's personality can only really be defined as "unique". Whoever is lucky (or unlucky) enough to be engaged in conversation with her is often left with a "what just happened" feeling. She can change from the most innocent childish behaviour to that of the dirtiest of whores in an instant. Evangeline is embarrassingly open about her own sex life and the sex life of those around her. She sees no issue nonchalantly flirting with any man, woman or even child who should be so bold as to hold conversation with her.

Despite her willingness to flirt with almost anyone, when "push comes to shove" she is absolutely loyal to her partner, Misaka. This has created some friction amongst those people who have taken Eva's in-jest advances seriously. Evangeline Jones of the Liberty Rogues is one such example - having been brought to the "dark side" by McDowell's seductive nature, yet being let down when she attempted to initiate an intimate relationship. In the past Jones has attacked McDowell's partners and other people surrounding her in jealousy. Although the two women maintain a close relationship with each other, it has been stopped short of becoming a romantic one.

Evangeline's temper is no easier to understand than any other component of her existence. She is fully capable of remaining calm in the most stressful and life-threatening situations, yet at the same time can be aggravated by the smallest of irritants surrounding her. It has been suggested she willingly allows herself to be riled up by what normally would have no effect in order to chase the adrenaline rush she gets during combat.

Eva is fully capable of killing when the need is there, with many downed ships to her name including several Liberty cruisers and dreadnoughts. She prefers to either talk, seduce or otherwise bribe her way out of trouble, however she will not hesitate to give her ship a workout if these options fail.

Although Evangeline does not condone the cardamine trade or slave-running and makes a point of not partaking in such careers herself, she tolerates those involved as a professional courtesy as part of being a Junker. Although she treats such people with visible contempt, she stops short of any actions which may endanger profits for herself or her Junker comrades.

Evangeline's only real experience with a relationship prior to Misaka ended in bitter anger, after she made the mistake of initiating an affair with a young Corsair boy whilst on a trade mission. The boy was executed upon the discovery of the deed and Corsair hunters chased the little Bactrian Evangeline was flying at the time out of Corsair space. One of only a few serious grudges that Evangeline bears is aimed towards the Corsair assembly and those within it, disregarding her typical position of not minding civilian populations of a house and replacing it with an almost brutal lack of tolerance. She has been known to actively hunt and destroy Corsair ships in the Omega edge worlds regardless of whether they have had any personal interaction or not.


Evangeline McDowell was born at 11:03AM on the second of December 797AS (Standard Time). Her father, Ludwig Friedrich, was not present, nor had he been since he had learnt of his daughter's existence. Evangeline entered the universe as the daughter of single mother Sheena McDowell at Saint Mary's Hospital, Paddington W2 1NY Planet New London, Bretonia.

Almost before she left the hospital her life as a pilot had begun. Within weeks of giving birth, Sheena was back to work as the head of the Peterborough, an aged, but spaceworthy Clydesdale class civilian freighter; albeit in a reduced capacity. Evangeline was communally raised by her mother and the crew of the Peterborough, which consisted of four other people.

Sheena had close ties with the Junkers of Trafalgar Base, allowing her to work alongside the people who might otherwise have been plundering her ship. Although she did not act illegally herself she was often seen delivering supplies to those who did.

Evangeline never obtained any formal education; having been taught entirely by the crew of the Peterborough. however, as she reached puberty it became apparent she had a mechanical mind and the interest to apply it.

At the age of twelve she was first introduced to a spanner and socket in the form of a gang of cyberpunk-styled teenagers who partook in illegal lane-racing events and other petty delinquency held out of Trafalgar Base. Evangeline quickly became accepted as an "apprentice", of sorts, to the amateur mechanics and assorted gearheads the gang consisted of.

It was the same gang who gave Evangeline her first taste of flying, both riding shotgun and as a pilot herself. The gang also gave rise to her first real love interest, the same freckled young lad who got the both of them arrested after being caught flying illegally in the boy's Marauder.

Evangeline stayed with the Peterborough, working under her mother until her 16th Birthday when she applied for, and received, her pilots license from the New London Spaceship Registry. She was able to pass the tests with ease due in part to her extensive experience flying illegally with the gang from Trafalgar.

It was then that Evangeline begun her own career, with the gifting of a CSV from her mother.


After receiving her first ship, Evangeline set out cutting her own path as a pilot. In the very early days she assisted a group of scrappers with their efforts to clean up the South Hampton Debris Field. This returned a small amount of pocket money, however Evangeline was not content to "just scrape by".

Her first foray into smuggling began when her and three similar craft took part in the deliverance of a load of H-Fuel canisters to a Mollys mobile base inside an ice field in Cambridge.

Evangeline bonded to the thrill of smuggling and quickly begun working for the Mollys on a contract basis.

As her knowledge and wealth increased Evangeline begun to feel it was time to leave the nest. At the helm of her CSV she left Trafalgar and her mother's bosom for the heartland of Liberty - New York.

Initially working legitimately as a recycler for the Pittsburgh Project she quickly set up relations with the various criminal organisations of Liberty, with the exception of the Xenos. Her Bretonian accent and speech patterns enraged the Xenos at her first encounter with the terrorists, however the event concluded in the death of three of their own, when a motley crew of Junkers came out of the woodwork like a nest of angry hornets and minced the Xeno's ships.

At that point, Evangeline had absolutely no combat experience, however her skills as a laneracer evading police interceptors helped her avoid being "vaped" herself, whilst the experienced pilots handled the threat.

Without drains such as drugs, booze or boys on her account combined with her low-baller nature and feminine charm Evangeline was able to secure the purchase of a Z-6150 Bactrian Rogue Freighter from the ship merchant on board Buffalo Base.

Evangeline's career climbed steeply with the acquisition of the Bactrian. The expanded cargo bay and long-range fuel supply allowed her to trade across much greater distances - for much greater profits. Possibly the greatest single advance she achieved was permission to trade directly to the Outcasts Homeworld of Planet Malta.

This new opportunity, alongside her increasing experience and knowledge, ensured that Evangeline was destined for high places. Trading with almost the entirety of the Outcast side of the Pirate alliances she secured her position as a reliable courier amongst the underbelly of Sirian society.

As with the CSV, the time for the Bactrian to be put out to stud would eventually arrive, the stubbornly reliable Bactrian would be exchanged for a second-hand Z-8500 "Bullmastiff" transport. The ship was stationed at Vieques Shipyards in the Junker-owned system of Puerto Rico, and had been placed on the market for sale.

Evangeline purchased the ship for a not inconsiderable sum of credits, and commissioned a refit to suit her tastes. Three months later the ship was ready for her first flight. The Alsatia was born.


Evangeline, being the only child of a single mother has very little in the way of family members, however she has always been very close to the men and women of the crew of the Peterborough who raised her alongside her mother.

Sheena McDowell

The scarring from the attack is clearly visible.

Evangeline right from day one had been a spitting image of her mother. Both women feature blue eyes and blonde hair and appear almost identical in each others childhood photos. Where they differ, however is their personality. Whilst her daughter has a light, playful attitude towards life, Sheena is cold, aggressive and intimidating - largely caused by the hardships she has endured during her forty-five years.

She bears scarring across her right eye and portions of her torso as the result a fight between her and a Liberty Rogue, in which she suffered severe burns when the rogue produced an improvised petroleum-powered flame thrower. Despite her injuries at the time, Sheena ensured the offending party would receive their dues - the man being presented a bullet through the head for his effort.

Despite caring little when it comes to strangers, Sheena has always been a good mother and a skilled captain - her current crew of five men and women having stayed unchanged in nearly 10 years. An adept mechanic, the aging Clydesdale she owns is one of the finest remaining examples of a ship of such vintage.

Ludwig Freidrich

A two-decade old photo of Sheena and Ludwig together.

(No recent image available)

Evangeline never met her father - Ludwig abandoning the then twenty-four year old Sheena in Rheinland when he was told he would be a father. The last known record of the man is that he was a low-level officer in the Rheinland Military, however he has since disappeared from the ranks thereof. Officially he is presumed dead however no certain documentation exists - rumours from around the time of his exodus from his duties as a father indicate he may have decided to flee to avoid responsibility - with or without another woman in tow.

Sanya McDowell

Rachel Diamond comforts her boss during a "motherly" moment.

The result of a drunken encounter between Evangeline and at-the-time Major General (Later Fleet Admiral) Gunther Rall of the Rheinland Military, Sanya continues the McDowell family tradition of falling pregnant to Rheinland officers and producing offspring out-of-wedlock - albeit Evangeline's mother didn't encounter such a high-ranking officer. Although the child was unexpected, she is by absolutely no means unwanted. Evangeline herself was eager to welcome this new life to the world throughout her pregnancy and since giving birth, has proven herself a loving and doting - if somewhat unorthodox - mother. Her partner, Misaka, over time, has become accepting of the fact she has joined Evangeline in motherhood - having long written Eva's infidelity off to her free and liberated personality and enjoying the brightness the new life offers.

On the 27th day of December 818 A.S at 16:50 hours standard time, Sanya entered into a very unusual and occasionally dysfunctional, yet caring and loving family - having two "mothers" in Evangeline and Misaka (who is herself still a girl), an older sister from a completely different nationality and two god-mothers who enjoy doing naughty things to each other behind closed doors. The extended family, "mummy's workers" number in the dozens - all of whom have been assembled as an extensive child care and nappy-changing service provider network.

Although Evangeline and the father attempted to hold together a relationship during and after her pregnancy, Gunther has since departed her side and the two no longer maintain contact. Evangeline has no knowledge of his whereabouts beyond his disappearance from her side after being asked to join her company. She has written off her affections for the man and continues her life without him, the job of "father" falling on Misaka.


Excluding Evangeline herself, there are three people in her direct employ plus a small child making up Evangeline's crew. The same consist frequently transfers between the other ships within what Evangeline narcissistically refers to as the "McDowell Company Fleet".

Misaka Mikoto

15 years old.
10 years old.

Birth date: 21 - 09 - 803 A.S.

Current Age: 16

Height: 153cm

Weight: 55kg

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair colour: Hazel

Misaka had a fairly normal childhood - the only daughter to a completely unremarkable nine-to-five business man and woman. She grew up in a pleasant, equally unremarkable region of New Tokyo City, attending Tokiwadai combined school and achieving respectable grades through most of her years. However, as she entered puberty she realised that she was not as interested in boys as the other girl her age. For most of her early teenage years she remained abstinent from the innocent dating and holding of hands the others in her grade experienced.

She eventually found - and awkwardly fumbled with - a tentative relationship involving another girl who thought the same way as she did in her final year of high school. The two, while inexperienced in love and on a rocky and treacherous road, were able to maintain steady contact by hiding their relationship from the heavily conservative views of those surrounding them.

Misaka was to became a victim of those ultra-conservative views held by her own parents after being ousted as a homosexual during what was meant to be an innocent date with her then girlfriend. Having been disowned by her family, she joined up with the much-publicised Golden Chrysanthemum women's rights movement. The other girl did not follow suit, instead choosing to stay with her own family. The two have not heard from, nor seen each other since.

Misaka contacted a "representative" of the GC in Tokyo City and had herself shipped out to Ainu Base where she began her life as a Chrysanthemum.

Misaka escaped cardamine addiction due to the fact she was never officially inducted into the GC - instead staying as a 'contractor' of sorts - performing menial tasks such as delivery and housekeeping to earn her keep. Many of the girls who appeared around the same time as Misaka, eager to become fully-fledged members of the cause, suffered appalling fates at the hands of the orange narcotic grass.

An emotionally distressing encounter with Evangeline on board Ainu brought about her leaving the care of the Golden Chrysanthemums and joining Evangeline as not only her right-hand-woman but also her lover. Misaka and Evangeline are now in a committed, intimate, de-facto relationship.

Misaka bears a personality fit for someone of her age - she can be a total sweetheart one moment, yet turn into a raging bull at the drop of a hat. Underneath her occasionally cold, hostile façade beats the heart of a soft, caring girl with a strong moral code. In stark contrast to her highly self-confident and often embarrassingly outspoken partner, Misaka is very modest and bashful; preferring to keep the details of their relationship private.

Kana Fujiwara

Kana sporting her old gym class uniform.
Kana in her usual place - a million light years away.

Birth date: 16 - 07 - 804 A.S.

Current Age: 15

Height: 155cm

Weight: 55kg

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair colour: Chocolate

Kana and Fumika are two more victims of the often horrendously homophobic nature of Kusari society. The utter rejection of the notion of homosexuality, a common trait amongst the "old guard", who to this day hold their seats of power has caused unforgivable grief to thousands of men and women within Kusari.

Both girls are ex-Golden Chrysanthemums just like Misaka. However unlike Misaka, the two of them fled together rather than giving each other up. They both have families back in Kusari however they care little for their daughters' well being, having abandoned them in an all to common fashion.

The two girls entered the care of Evangeline under exceptionally lucky circumstances. They were purchased from a Freelance Trader passing through the independent systems linking Kusari to Liberty. The two girls had staged an attack on the transport vessel, but were forced to surrender when the transport proved more durable than expected. The all-male crew of the ship saw fit to spare their lives, but only for their own vile benefit.

Evangeline happened on the captain and his men on board Ames Research Station, conversing about their captives and what they were proposing to do with them. She promptly offered the captain a considerable sum of money for the two girls, well above any bounty on offer and enough to override the freelancers' and his crews' sex drives. The group accepted the credits and agreed to hand over the two prisoners. Those men would now be living very comfortably utilising Evangeline's money, no doubt on alcohol and prostitutes - but that doesn't matter to her.

Evangeline received the two girls bound with chains, bearing minor injuries but all importantly unsullied by the transports crew. During their induction into Evangeline's crew Kana and Fumika insisted on paying back the millions of credits Eva had paid for their freedom - although she declared it unnecessary the couple now work tirelessly on board the Alsatia - both to earn their day-to-day keep and for restitution of the price paid - regardless of whether Evangeline requires it or not.

Kana herself is something of a air-head. She is known to drift off across both space and time, mentally, even when her body remains planted on solid ground. She has a very laid-back personality and when not on duty requires little more than cuddling with her lover, Fumika. She almost always bears a vaguely happy expression on her face and can soothe even the worst of the other three girls' temper tantrums with her softly spoken words of calm.

Despite her aloof personality, when Kana applies herself she produces respectable results in most skill areas. She has had very little in the way of combat training, but possesses adequate navigational skills and is able to effectively control a fighter-sized craft, if not utilise one in a dog-fight. She also serves as a general deckhand on board the Alsatia, taking part in the day-to-day operations of the vessel.

Fumika Minami

Fumika's tough exterior hides her sweet and caring nature.

Birth date: 12 - 12 - 802 A.S.

Current Age: 16

Height: 165cm

Weight: 62kg

Eye colour: Graphite

Hair colour: Black

Fumika, nicknamed the "Firecracker", bears a personality very befitting of the alias given to her. She comes across as intimidating and violent, quick to anger and even quicker to bear her prized katana, however underneath all that she's a total softie. She is completely devoted to her lover, a trait that betrays her whenever the air-head is involved. She will fight to the death to protect her partner and has never been able to fully forgive herself for surrendering to the fiends who intended on taking both hers and Kana's innocence. She feels deeply indebted to Evangeline, although the captain believes she was acting as any woman with a backbone should have given the situation.

Fumika originates from the wealthy Kusarian corporate noblesse, her father being a director of a large Tokyo-based business. Being the only daughter in a family of four children, she had always been overlooked in favour of her brothers, whom were preened to take on roles in Daddy's business. Fumika, left on her own, idled through her school years, achieving average grades.

Average in her family was as good as a failure. What little support she received from her parents slowly withered away and she had very little to keep her motivated. The martial arts she had been studying in the end only made her all the more dangerous as the juvenile gangster she began to become. She steadily turned more and more delinquent towards the end of her schooling, and by the end, was a complete dropout - spending her days loitering around with other outcasts and failures, committing petty crimes, theft and assault. Her only solace, and the thing that kept her away from drugs and hard crime, was Kana.

Fumi-chan, as she is referred to by her partner, is the tall, gallant sort of girl who attracts those who still find boys icky. Her disobedient nature and imposing demeanour ensured to secure the hearts of many of the young women who surrounded her in the prestigious all-girls school she attended. One of the few girls who never showed her any immediate interest was the space-case who went on to become her room mate in the boarding house at which all students were required to live to attend the school. Having previously had nothing holding her on the straight-and-narrow, and despite the three-year age difference, the friendship the two garnered was what, in the end, kept Fumika away from becoming a career convict, or worse, getting killed in a gang war or other such horrible fate.

In the past the other students had either stayed away from Fumika because of her intimidating stance; or been hell-bent on a romantic encounter. Fumika had very little in the way of true companionship during her school life. The solace she found with Kana, would, eventually lead to a romantic and intimate relationship blooming behind the closed door of their room. For a while, the two enjoyed an almost fairy-tale romance - Fumika, the strong and commanding prince; and the role of dainty, vulnerable princess played by Kana. The dream was to be short lived, however, as the true details of the relationship were to eventually filter to the parents of both girls.

Certain aspects of Kusarian society, even in these modern times, are viciously traditional and the mere notion of two girls in an intimate relationship was enough to earn the condemnation of Fumika's family. Kana's family were no different - applying her mediocre academic performance to the "delinquent" Fumika. They passed Kana an ultimatum - either she leaves Fumika or she leaves the family.

Being a supposed embarrassment, fleeing the suffocating grip of her family was an easy decision. She vowed to Kana to protect her for the rest of their days, and with the young girl in tow the two sweethearts joined the GC women's rights movement.

From there she, alongside her lover, launched attacks against transports in the Tau systems neighbouring Kusari. Fumika proved to be a capable fighter, however Kana lacked the coordination to be a reliable wingman. Their luck would eventually run out when the pair were out-skilled by a transport captain and his crew.

They faced surrender with unknown consequences or a painful, bloody death. The two chose to live. Someone had to have been looking out for the sweethearts the day Evangeline entered their lives. Neither girl wishes to recall what could have happened to them, had they been enslaved by the monsters who masqueraded as the crew of that transport. Fumika now serves alongside Kana as a general deckhand on board the Alsatia. She also held shotgun on the Majutsu no Biribiri, the Alsatia's original escort fighter.

Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura caught playing magical-girl.

Birth date: 24 - 03 - 808 A.S.

Current Age: 11

Height: 125cm

Weight: 34kg

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Brown

Another _very_ lucky girl, Sakura was rescued from a Xeno Political Activist aboard Bethlehem Station in Pennsylvania. Sakura was, sadly, the sole survivor of an attack on her parent's family-based transporter. The ship was destroyed by Xeno raiders, Sakura surviving by pure luck as she had been asleep at the rear of the ship when it was literally torn in two by a torpedo. Sakura used what little training she had to clamber to the escape pod. Her parents were not as fortunate, dying almost instantly when the ship disintegrated.

The Xeno captured Sakura and ended up at Bethlehem. According to Sakura the man who held her captive brought her no harm, and that despite what he had done to the girls parent's he was sympathetic. The trait of compassion is one not often seen amongst the cold-blooded killers that comprise the Xenos faction.

Evangeline by pure chance stumbled upon the Xeno attempting to ransom the young girl to passing ships for the measly sum of two million credits. Libertonians being Libertonians, no-one cared. Evangeline, hearing the girl's screaming behind the Xenos own ranting, moved in and paid the man what he wanted. She received in return, a dirty, smelly, barely-clothed and ravenously hungry - but almost completely unharmed little girl.

Sakura was absorbed into the McDowell Company and has become Evangeline's honorary daughter and source of cuteness for the entire crew. It is not uncommon during down-time for the girls to viciously abuse Sakura with things such as pink dresses, hair ornaments and cat's ears headbands.

"McDowell Company Fleet" Property



Status: In active service.

The Alsatia, a Z-8500 "Bullmastiff", is the head of the McDowell Company Fleet housing the crew's long-term living quarters and all of Evangeline's property and information.

Alsatia was a region of Old London on Planet Earth, which, between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries was a sanctuary from the written law and those tasked to enforce it; a "place where law cannot reach". Evangeline thought the name very appropriate and vaguely cheeky. The ship was christened shortly before her maiden voyage from the Shipyards that had housed her, to her new home of Rochester.

The ship has undergone multiple modifications under Evangeline's control and, as with most ships of similar heritage, is a Frankenstein's monster of salvaged and odd parts assimilated into one vessel. Upgrades include an enlarged cargo bay door to accept fighter craft, along with a unique storage and launch system designed and built entirely by the ship's crew; as well as a custom-built towing system allowing for the movement of dead or disabled ships in space. The ship carries dual oxygen recirculation systems, both from a DL-series transport and running side-by-side. What limited computer power the Alsatia has was donated from an EL-HiL51 Liberty Transport, the same ship donating most of its sensor and processing arrays.

A significant amount of effort has been expended by the crew on making the Alsatia less of a space craft and more of a home. Beneath the faded red paint of the exterior hull exists an unusually welcoming abode complete with three separate bunkhouse-style bedrooms, a fully functional and pleasantly bright kitchen with a vibrant common room and retrofitted lavatory and bathing facilities; the original cold, steel walls covered over with lightweight and inexpensive particle board creating the impression of comfort and warmth that signifies a good home.

Alsatia in the past has been likened to be closer to a gunboat than a transport; on paper the ship compares favourably with all but the most high-tech of Liberty's gunboat fleet in most areas. Heavy armour plating installed both inside and out combined with reinforced arteries and equipment working along side a significantly bolstered weapons system have created a ship capable of going head to head with gunboats and emerge victorious, which the ship has done on several occasions over its' career.

Evangeline considers the Alsatia to be her only true home. Although she may refer to anything from Bretonia, to Rochester, to Gunther Rall's house on New Berlins' surface as "home", it is always as a matter of conversational convenience. She never feels completely comfortable living anywhere else. The ship has been nicknamed "The Hen House" by locals at Rochester, as the interior of the ship resembles a hens' night party, Evangeline caring little for neatness or organisation.



Status: Operational; In service.

This vessel is a Salvage Frigate purchased from a deceased estate whose assets had been liquidated and partitioned out; Evangeline passing the ship with a "4 SALE" sign taped to it in the dry dock of Vieques Shipyard and finding herself unable to resist the opportunity to gain ownership of one.

The platform required only minor mechanical attention before being put to work collecting and recycling scrap metal from the massive coagulated debris fields of the Dallas incident. It has very basic and rudimentary accommodation and is only brought into service periodically, it now spends most of its days stored along side stable-mates the Maelstrom and Alsatia at Vieques.


Status: Operational; In service.

The Maelstrom is a Liberty Rogue Scylla class Destroyer. The ship was one of the very first constructed at Terre Haute Shipyard. It suffered an awful fate at the hands of a Liberty Navy bomber patrol well outside of Liberty sovereign space in what is now known as the Yukon system. All hands were lost upon de-pressurisation of the then experimental ship's hull. Suffering terminal damage, it drifted for years in a deep freeze before Evangeline recovered it using the Alsatia. The Rogues never recovered the ship themselves due to the infeasibility of doing so, coupled with the fact it no longer contained anything which could be used against the Rogues, such as core designs or weapons matrices which had long since deteriorated beyond usability.

The Maelstrom was towed, with great subtlety, to Vieques Shipyard in Puerto Rico where it became Evangeline's pet project, spending almost a year being repaired and refitted under her supervision.

Only very recently deemed spaceworthy, the Maelstrom has already become a highly disreputable ship within both Liberty and Rheinland. The whims of a young girl at the hands of a weapon of mass destruction certain to create shock waves wherever the ship went.

The Maelstrom is crewed by the four girls, built with a minimum of technology to reduce staff requirements using readily available plug-and-play components purchased from a number of sources. An exception of note is the sophisticated weapons array and control systems, of which Evangeline is very proud.

The Maelstrom resides at Vieques Shipyards for most of her days, only occasionally being called up to do Evangeline's bidding. The ship has been seen across a wide swathe of Sirius, playing on both sides of the Liberty-Rheinland war, working along-side the Rogues and Outcasts against the Liberty Navy - and just as frequently vice-versa.

Evangeline records every destroyed ship as a mark on the tally board etched into the Maelstrom's nose cone, standing as a cold testament to the brutal efficiency of the Liberty Rogue-designed destroyer - and serving as a warning to anyone who wishes to pick a fight with the head of the McDowell Company Fleet.


Status: Operational; In service.

A spur-of-the-moment purchase, this CTE-6000 series Civilian Fighter now serves as the family commuter shipping either Evangeline or one of her crew around when the Alsatia is for whatever reason unavailable.

It is an unremarkable vessel, being more-or-less standard issue off the production line whose only stand out features are the signs of wear associated with being second-hand - otherwise unmodified except for small extensions to the wings and undercarriage allowing it to be stored inside the Alsatia's hold.

Originally an Eagle as described above, the vessel bearing Evangeline's direct registration is now an X-11 series civilian shuttle. The ship was purchased second-hand from Dodgy Bros. Ship Sales and Service on Planet Los Angeles after the tired, battered Eagle she had arrived in finally gave up the ghost. It now serves in the Eagle's place and has already earned compliments from several passers-by, most of whom were impressed by the ships' innate greenness.


A fully automated, remote controlled surveillance drone commissioned by Evangeline, this nondescript Combat Service Vehicle is capable of operating over hundreds of kilometres from a point of control; being only limited by fuel range. It is fitted with crude, yet effective, radio transmitters and receivers. It is capable of both collecting signals for referral to base and transmission of signals from it to nearby units and stations.