Trafalgar Base

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Trafalgar Base
Ramshackle class Station
Trafalgar Base.jpg
Flag-gallia.png Gallic Royal Navy
3C, New London
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities limited
Population 47

Once a bustling hive of Junker activity, Trafalgar Base was first to fall victim to the Gallic advance into the New London system. After its initial destruction at the hands of the Gallic Royal Navy force led by Battleship Castres, the brass of the Royal Navy quickly realized the potential value of the remains and entreated the King for the resources necessary to rebuild and repressurize Trafalgar Base, intending to utilize it as a storage depot to supply the forces necessary for a large scale offensive into the heart of Bretonia while supply lines from Liberty are being crippled by the Battleship Carcassonne in Cortez. Not quite up to the brass' expectations yet, however, Trafalgar Base is still being refitted with several new storage containers ensure a secure reserve of oil for the Gallic onslaught.

Missions Offered

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Ga lf.png
Light Fighter
Ga hf.png
Heavy Fighter
Ga vhf.png
Very Heavy Fighter