Trafalgar Base

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Trafalgar Base
Ramshackle class Station
Trafalgar Base.jpg
3C, New London
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities limited
Crew unknown

Trafalgar Station was founded shortly after Bretonia’s industrial boom when mass amounts of salvage and ship debris were beginning to coalesce into the Southampton Debris Field. During the Gallic War, many pirate factions utilized Trafalgar as a staging ground for raids in Bretonia, which made it a high priority target for the Gallic Royal Navy when they initially stormed New London. While largely destroyed during Gallia's assault, repairs and repressurization were quickly carried out in order to bring the station back into service as a fuel depot and staging ground.

Following the devastating conclusion of the Battle of New London, the Bretonia Armed Forces occupied the station. With no aparent intention to return the station to the Junkers, the station's future seemed uncertain. In a seemingly bizarre change of position, the Armed Forces ceded unconditional control of the station back to the Junkers in early 827 A.S Now back in Junker hands, it is likely Trafalgar will return to the normal hustle and bustle of processing salvage from the nearby fields in the well lit sections, while less than savory deals occur in the darker corners.

Despite this, there is uneasy speculation in the Bretonian underworld about the nature of any deal the Junkers may have cut with the Crown, and what that means for their own interests. Since the opening of Belvedere Refinery, the Junkers have also conducted a profitable business with ALG, mimicing the mutually beneficial relationship both organisations shared during the Sigma 13 clearup operation.

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