Frejus Base

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Frejus Base
Sieyes class Asteroid Base
Frejus Base.jpg
BrigandsLogo.png Gallic Brigands
2F, Provence
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 890

Frejus was built circa 600 A.G.S. in a small asteroid pocket located within the enormous Mer Mediterainee Nebula. The base was probably the first space settlement in the Provence system, built shortly after the unauthorized ocean platforms on Marseille. According to some rumors, Frejus was also the location where the first experiments with Nox production away from Marseille were undertaken. Those experiments met with mixed success, with Corse researchers achieving somewhat better results. Off-world Nox samples are too expensive to be produced in massive quantities, and they all are lacking in quality compared to natural Nox from Marseille.

Still, Nox smuggling provides more than enough opportunities for a living. The base has been constantly expanded with new habitat areas within the asteroid, but overpopulation is a constant nuisance. Current estimates show that there are about 800 inhabitants in Frejus, although some say that the number may well a thousand. As a result, Frejus suffers from the common problems associated with overpopulation, like increased crime rate, high living costs, and poor accomodation standards.

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