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BlueWarningTriangle.png This page has been retired but kept for historical or other reasons, The information on this page may be incorrect, out of date or just not relevant to this version of Discovery. It should not be taken as canon nor any authority on the current version of Discovery. It is kept simply to show some history of the Discovery Mod:
Ship updated to Kamome.

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Gas Miners Guild Miner
Ship Class Transport
Built by Gas Miners Guild
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 0 / 6
Opt. weapon class 7
Max. weapon class 7
Other equipment
Hull strength 95,000
Max. shield class 7
Cargo space 2,800 units
Nanobots/Batteries 400/400
Max. impulse speed 80 m/s
Max. thrust speed 140 m/s
Max. cruise speed 350 m/s
Power output 120,000 u
Power recharge 11,000 u/s
Additional information
Ship price $16,500,000
Package price $17,114,750

This Miner was originally designed for mining gas and carrying it to GMG storage facilities. The Gas Miners Guild soon discovered that stationary miners could mine gas in a more efficient manner, and the Miner's gas pods can be adapted to carry many different types of cargo. Nowadays, the GMG Miner is more frequently used as a transport on the Border World routes than as an actual gas miner. This ship is often seen in Sigma systems, carrying H-Fuel and supplies to the GMG stations in the area.




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