Illfracombe Base

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This is a player-built and owned base on the Discovery Freelancer RP 24/7 server which may not be found on other servers.

Illfracombe Base
Player Base
Professor Matt Williams
3B, New London
Technical Data
Gravity Limited
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 800


Illfracombe Base was constructed year 822 A.S. by Professor Matt Williams to carry on studying the depths of the Sirius systems and there anomalies. Illfracombe Base offer all kinds of equipment from our unique factories which produce Cloaking Devices, Docking Modules, Jump Drives, Hyperspace Survey machines and our latest technology, the Cloak Disruptor.

The technology produced by the Tech Center is primarily used by the scientists of Sirius for their deep space explorations however the equipment can be accessed by civilians who intent to use it for a good cause.

Name: Illfracombe Base
Location: New London
IFF: Freelancer
Sector: 3B
Level: Core 4

Factory Modules:

1- Docking Module Factory
2- Jump Drive Factory
3- Hyperspace Survey Manufacturing Factory
4- Cloaking Device Factory
5- Cloak Disruptor Module Factory


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