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New London System

The New London system is the capital system of the Bretonia space. Due to the extensive mining and industrial operations, this system is heavily polluted. Most asteroid fields, as well as the South Hampton Debris field, are hazardous due to explosive gas pockets and radiation fields. Therefore, caution is usually advised to anyone attempting to travel outside the trade lanes.

After the loss of Leeds, the Battleship York managed to escape with it's fleet and is now stationed at the Newcastle Jump Gate in the northern area of the system. Mollys are frequently seen terrorizing the trade lanes, along with Gaians and Corsairs. Whilst the House Bretonia has a lot on it's plate at the moment, New London still stands as the proud center of a mighty Kingdom. The Gallic Royal Navy has pushed with the Battleship Castres in the system and destroyed the Junker base near the Leeds jump hole.

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Areas of Interest

Asteroid Fields

Cornwall Asteroid Field


A mined-out asteroid field. The Trade Lane connecting New London with the Cambridge Jump Gate was carefully surveyed prior to construction to ensure that it did not intersect any pockets of explosive gas remaining in the field.

Cumbria Asteroid Field


The mining of the Cumbria field released large quantities of explosive gas trapped inside the asteroids, resulting in a number of fatalities over the centuries. The field no longer possesses any resources of note, but the explosive gas has since settled into a large pocket within a gravitational dead zone. Despite this, the proximity of Cumbria to New London has made it a favorite launching point for attacks by the vicious terrorist group known as the Mollys, and the Battleship Suffolk was recently assigned to patrol the perimeter of the field.

Devon Asteroid Field


A large asteroid field exhausted of all useful resources. Care should be taken, however, as the mining process created at least one large pocket of explosive gas within the field. Devon is frequently used as cover for Gaian attacks on the nearby Canterbury Station, where Planetform, Inc. is headquartered.

Somerset Asteroid Field


One of the smaller asteroid fields in the system, mining of Somerset began soon after other asteroid fields in the system were depleted of resources; however, the large quantities of explosive gas within the Somerset asteroids quickly made any further mining impossible and the area was abandoned.

Southampton Debris Field


The Southampton Debris Field is a monument to government expediency, the product of centuries of ship construction without any form of government environmental oversight in an effort to expand the Bretonian space fleet as quickly as possible. The resulting eyesore, an ocean of scrap, is as emblematic of Bretonia as the Southampton Shipyard itself. No serious attempt to clear the field was ever made, and eventually a large population of Junkers took up residence -- despite the presence of dangerously radioactive areas around leaking engine cores.

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