Ithaca Research Station

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Ithaca Research Station
Cochrane class Station
Ithaca Research Station.jpg
None, station abandoned
7D, New York
Technical Data
Gravity None
Docking bays None
Amenities None
Population None

The Ithaca Research Station was a government research facility primarily tasked with studying the gravitational anomalies found in the Badlands by collecting data from over 20,000 probes and drones stationed in the quadrant. The data was then coordinated with sensor readings taken by the computers aboard Benford Research Station. Additional research projects are currently classified.

It was part of a grand experiment (along with Benford) by Liberty to fuel its waning resources by capitalizing off of the anomalies in the badlands. However, an accident occurred and the station was abandoned, and with the GMG providing H-Fuel the research was abandoned altogether.