AN-3 "Supernova" Antimatter Cannon

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AN-3 "Supernova" Antimatter Cannon

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Weapon Class: Bomber Torpedo
Hull Damage: 132,000
Shield Damage: 66,000
Range: 1,596 m
Projectile Speed: 280 m/s
Refire Rate: 0.17
Energy Usage: 29,740
Price: $7,025,000
This weapon is pretty straightforward, take an already big gun, overcharge it, add additional highpowered capacitors, charge it a bit above maximum capacity and then fire. While the idea is simple, the result is not. A massive drain on the powerplant, for a massive effect. A stream of field stabilised antimatter gushes towards its target at a rather slow pace. Be warned that when it hits it will rip everything. This weapon sacrifices efficiency, speed and refire to get the most massive damage in one go avaliable to fighters. It is built by many private weapon labs across Sirius, although even the latest version is always expensive and difficult to use.

Only bombers can fire this weapon.

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