Kiriko Hidamari

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Kiriko Hidamari Wolfe

(ウルフェ 日溜り 妃凛子)

Kiriko in Bretonian Styled earth 'Seifuku' Uniform
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Occupation Borderworld Exports Escort Pilot
Gender Female
Affiliation Bretonian
Rank none
Status Active
Born September 16th, ::unknown year::, Planet New Tokyo.
Died Still alive.

Official Name: Kiriko Hidamari Wolfe (ウルフェ 日溜り 妃凛子)

Age: Roughly 13

Gender: Female

Weight: 38 KG.

Height: 4'5"

Religion: Atheist

Nationality: Kusarian

Known Medical Record(s):

  • Hemolytic Anemia.
  • Weak Circulatory system


Official Name: Testament-V.264 "CLYTEMNESTRA" Artificial Intellicenge Companion.

Age: 5

Gender: "Female"

Weight: N/A

Height: N/A

Religion: N/A

Nationality: Aritificial Intelligence

Known Medical Record(s): N/A

Anybody that has been around Kiriko for more than 10 minutes will probably note the odd relationship to an unknown person constantly referred to as “Cly”. The Clytemnestra is Kiriko Hidamari’s custom built Artificially Intelligent B-294-L series “Hussar” Light fighter craft. The central AI unit is announced “Cly” for short.

Kiriko refers to ‘Cly’ always as “she” and treats the artificial intelligence with love and respect at all times, without exception. To Kiriko, ‘Cly’ is just as real and as much of a friend as anybody else can name from their human friends, and this is reflected in their communication with each other.

In most ways ‘Cly’ does not communicate in a way that would denote any sort of emotion, yet from Kiriko’s perspective things that ‘Cly’ does are just as human, life like and thoughtful as any person she is likely to meet elsewhere. Her mother Shizuma Sakaragi used her skill in electronics to separate the ‘Cly’ AI unit from the Hussar, placing it in a Palmtop computer, enabling Kiriko to take ‘Cly’ everywhere and anywhere.

Cly never leaves Kiriko’s side even for a moment

for more information on the Clytemnestra see its wiki page below

Clytemnestra Restored Bretonian light fighter/ Artificial Intelligence.



Kiriko Hidamari was born and raised on New Tokyo with her older brother Kotaro Hidamari, by their mother, Mikoto Hidamari, and their father, Toru Hidamari. Formerly Toru Itou, Kiriko’s Father was a strong supporter of the Emperor and his government’s efforts in the War against Bretonia, after the rest of the Itou family had lost faith in their Emperor and government they joined the Blood Dragons.

Toru's Wife was heavily pregnant with a baby girl (Kiriko) and pre birth scans detected abnormal symptoms in the unborn child. Knowing that his child would be unfit for a life in space, and torn between his birth family and his own family, Toru broke off ties to the rest of the Itou family to protect his own and settled down on New Tokyo.

Kiriko was born a normal birth however suffered from an affliction similar to Anaemia, the Hidamari family was not very wealthy, this meant that not only was treatment for her condition firmly out of reach, it also meant that her food intake was incredibly low, bother her height and her weight were -and remain to this day- many many years behind where she could have been potentially in a more wealthy house hold.

Kiriko's Education was extremely limited, due to her sickness and the poor financial situation of her family. Kiriko's parents couldn’t afford to pay for her to attend a Kindergarten, as Men were more important in society the father deemed it more pressing for Kotaro to be schooled so he may become successful and look after Kiriko some day. Kiriko's continued to yearn to be able to attend but her health made it difficult to discern whether such a move would be good either financially for the parents, or Physically for Kiriko. at the age of 6 Kiriko seemed to make leaps and bounds in her sickness recovery, however she still had the occasional blackout causing herself harm, this did not put her off wanting to go to school, to prove she could be strong like other kids. Mikoto and Toru worked extremely hard every day for the entire year in the hopes of not letting down their little girl and enabling her to attend school for the first time, giving her a chance to get somewhere on her own within the harsh Kusarian life. Their efforts paid off and Kiriko was able to join Shin-Reimei (lit. New Dawn) all Girls Elementary school on september 2nd 813 A.S.

Due to her financial background and the political situation of Kusari's women and men being treated drastically different, being sent to an all Girls school was much cheaper than being sent to a mixed school like Kotaro attended. Kiriko’s physical appearance was still far behind other children she saw around, being shorter and scrawnier than everyone else became very self conscious very quickly, panicking herself. Making herself sick with worry and self doubt Kiriko had a panic attack and blacked out, collapsing during the opening ceremony, never again being allowed to return due to rapid decline in her health.

Knowing how hard her mother and father worked to get enough money to pay for her to attend school, and then again being sick enough to not attend, brought Kiriko's self confidence to a all time low, and she found it hard to even so much as look in the face of her parents as she gradually became sicker than ever. Her mother often comforted Kiriko and told her it was alright and that Kiriko did her best and she was proud of her, her father said the same things, but it was much more obvious of the pain that the loss of money had caused him, he was thinner, making sure that his family ate before him at all times. Kiriko would cry herself to sleep in her mothers arms in sorrow, her brother Kotaro would always try and cheer her up by telling Kiriko stories of school and what it was like to wind up the teachers and the horrid things he would do to the girls, like showing them bugs and worms. Kiriko liked to hear him talking about all the things she couldnt do with a smile sharing his experiances with her at the end of everyday meant alot to Kiriko. her health recovered only fractionally enabling her to walk and move on her own without aid for a few minutes at a time. Kiriko remained that way until her life was suddenly and dramatically changed forever.


Kiriko is still growings, and still learning about the galaxy and how to fit into it. She has little to no knowledge of adult relationships, reproduction or dating; and due to security measures in place on her AI companion "Cly" it will not answer any question that she might have on such subjects, as its creator believes that Kiriko should remain untainted and inocent of the vast crudeness that can be found in space.

The Dark Star Syndicate & Her fatal condition

Dark Star Syndicate Sigil.

The DSS are the very reason Kiriko is in Bretonia and the very reason she is still alive today. After the Kusari Prison ship was ambushed by undercover Hogoshan fighters posing as blood dragons, deep in the Kanto asteroid field, Kiriko managed to get into an escape pod with a older woman who fell unconscious receiving a head injury just as she entered the pod.

A covert Syndicate convoy comprised of the DSS Octavian, Isocrates, Ares and Alexandros, were smuggling goods to planet Leeds from Kusari, they were passing the area of the debris and heard a faint cry for help and then silence, a few kilometres away from the wreckage a dim beacon was echoed onto the Isocrates. The Captain of the DSS-Isocrates, Captain James Villia decided to aid the person that was in distress, tractoring the pod aboard.

Kiriko had been adrift for 20hours by the time she was rescued, and her condition was critical. When the crew of the Isocrates broke open the pod Kiriko was unconscious her illness blacking out her mind, they were astounded by the sight they saw, a girl barley in her teens just lying there over the body of an old woman, dried tears clearly visible on her face, they were taken hastily to the medical bay however the woman was too far gone and died later on. She was with was given a Bretonian burial in space to honour the dead, even if it was a Kusarian, she was clearly too old to have been a soldier.

Kiriko remained unconscious unable to find a way to help her she was presented to chief medical officer, Doctor Karl Ackerman. The doctor performed a long series of tests discovering that her heart simply wasn’t working as fast as it should be doing, causing all her other systems to function slower. Doctor Ackerman also discovered abnormally and dangerously low levels of vital nutrients in Kiriko's blood.

He knew that unless something was done in the next hour, there was no guarantee she would be able to wake up again, her slow moving pulse was starving her body of the oxygen it needed and her nutrient levels were clearly apparent in her appearance, her ribs were clearly visible, her body was almost skeleton like, bony and devoid of any fatty tissue required for healthy growth of somebody her age.

Dr Ackerman consulted the captain, who came down to see how the 'prisoners' were doing, and was shocked to find an old woman, covered in a sheet, and Kiriko, a girl who barely looked 10. He didn’t like the look of things, Kiriko lay naked in lab as the Doctor spoke about her conditions, the captain asked Dr. Ackerman "save the girl, Karl, I don’t want this child to die.. Just looks at her, it’s like she’s never eaten a solid meal in her life, do what it takes".

Kiriko was prepared for immediate surgery, if it hadn’t been successful there was no guarantee she would have ever woken up again. The only thing aboard the Isocrates that could be used for a condition as severe as Kiriko's was an old C-MI, a Cryer Pharmaceutical medical enhancement, designed to automatically feed a patient with doses of medication throughout the day, until the medication required changing with a new source.

The C-MI arm implant is connected directly into the veins and arteries that run along the arm of the patient and fused in place by connecting it to the bone and skin with finely tuned nano machines. on the surface it appears to be a large metal plate pressed flush with the surface of the skin, there is a small hatch on the front inside of which contains the insertion matrix and medicinal delivery array. The operation was a success and her pulse returned to normal eventually she opened her eyes into the beaming light of the operation table lamp.

Due to the extreme circumstances in which the C-MI device was used, and also the age of Kiriko when it was implemented, it caused her mild discomfort at all times, and great pain when her medicine had to be changed. Over the years as she has grown slowly, and C-MI device has not been changed and so it causes her immense pain due to being essentially too small for her, touching the C-MI plate fused into her right arm can cause her incredible agony.

Due to the nature of the medicine inside the capsuals for the C-MI, causes her almost to be addicted to them, in the subconscious sense, and in actual fact, the reason the C-MI model was discontinued, was due to unknown detriments to patients after a certain time, eventually causing more harm than they cure.

Bretonia Police Service

Kiriko Full Body BPA Seifuku.

Kiriko was addmitted to the Bretonia Police Authority by her artificial intelligence companion "Cly"

The AI, -which at the time was utilising an experimental version of its core unit, the .3 Testament Core- had been programmed to look after kiriko and to keep her safe at all times, but its main objective was to make sure that kiriko was happy. Kiriko wished on more than one occassion that wanted to be able to help more people, so that she felt she wasnt always so weak. The AI determined that due to their location in sirius being in the orbit of planet leeds in Bretonia (the former DSS headquarters) that to help more people action should be taken to help her wish come to pass. after analysing the conversations Kiriko had made with various people in the bretonian armed forces and bretonian trade Cly analysed the data from the casualty lists from both the police forces and the armed forces. Determining from its results that the police was 5 times safer than the military at the best of times the AI decided to act in a way that was outside its creators knowledge.

When Kiriko landed on planet cambridge to retrieve some medical supplies for her illness the AI copied itself into a transmitter tower, slowly working it way in complete secrecy around the file network on the planet disguised as a harmless file it moved to the police data file for new entries, and manipulated itself into a file that displayed Kiriko Hidamari with her age higher than it was in actuallity, giving the file a full run down of her flight record so far, most of which was outstanding escort work, the AI also ammended her image file on the application, applying an artistic touch that had been unseen in any of the previous Testament series core AI units, making kiriko appear in a suit and tie to further attempt to fool the recruiting office..

Kiriko's hacked application was acctually accepted on 7th May 818, and Kiriko recieved a Neural Net letter of approval from the Bretonia Police Authority on 10th of May 818. When kiriko recieved the letter saying that she had been accepted into the Bretonia Police she was very confused and then Cly explained everything, Kiriko was overjoyed that Cly had done so much for her even though Kiriko relied in the AI all the time. Kiriko was sent secure lines to the Bretonia Police Hub for her craft, the Clytemnestra utilised these to keep a constant tab on the Police activities regarding Kiriko should anything go wrong in the future.

Kiriko headed to Durham Border station to pick up her equipment and shocked the dock master at her size, she was given her badge, a sidearm and her uniform. After leaing the station she realised that her uniform wouldnt fit her even though it was the smallest size available, but she wore it anyway.

Serving in the Police for two years, Kiriko put in more patrol hours than most of the force combined, she quickly began to be known around bretonia as the "Kusarian Bretonian" and her voice, which was very small and high pitched gave away hints to her real age much too easily though people didnt seem to question her too often so long as things were kept safe and she did her job, also because she would not be seen physically there was no need to worry about how old she really was.

Kiriko's true age was discovered by Lucy Silsbury -head of the Bretonia Police Authority- when the she was rescued by Kiriko from a flotilla of corsair gunboats that shot down Lucy's Challenger bomber craft, Kiirko quickly had Cly tractor in Lucy's escape pod and bee lined it out of the combat scrum to the battleship essex, where in evident close quarters Kiriko could not hide herself from the orders of the chief and so her real age was discovered. owing a debt of her life to kiriko, Lucy spoke with Kiriko for a while in private and in the end decided not to discharge her from the police for being underaged. also due to her outstanding flight and criminal take down record it would only impact negatively on the role the police played in keeping bretonia clean and clear of hostile forces. Rather than discharge Kiriko, she was allowed to continue her police work as usual, and was even encouraged to stop by Christies Tea & Pastry diner on planet New London, which she did every 2 weeks from then onwards.

As time went on, Kiriko continued her outstanding record for patrol time and criminal destruction eventually gaining the rank of Inspector, and then some time later Chief Inspector in the Bretonia Police Authority, she had come further than she ever thought possible and could not have been happier, however with the retirement of Lucy Silsbury from the chief position of the Bretonia Police and the downgrade of the Clytemnestra main AI unit from .3 back to the .264 Testament Core version, concerns over Kiriko's age had begun to grow. "taking orders from a child" had been the gudge of many officers, one such man including Sergeant Justin Dehavilland whom detested the very idea of reciving orders from a Kusarian nevermind a Kusarian child, growing tensions in the ranks and the fear that the story would end up public acorss newspapers around sirius Kiriko quietly left the Bretonia Police to go and seek out her father, whom had been kicked out of her house after a row with Shizuma Sakuragi and not seen since.

Kiriko left the Bretonia police when its operation fell to near administration and a huge shake up of the rank structure was initiated, with the removal of the ones who knew the real truth about her age in the high command, talk of a scandal began to circulate within the ranks of the police, "child officers" became a common subject of conspiracy theory's. Cly determined it would be best before the Newspapers picked up on the rumours . Reluctantly Kiriko agreed and they both left the Bretonia Police Service.

Borderworld Exports Service

Kiriko in Bretonian styled Bowex dress uniform.

Kiriko's enrollment into the Security wing of the massive Bretonian corporation Borderworld Exports was a direct knock on effect from her previous long service in the Bretonia Police. With more and more young men and women being drafted into the defence of Planet Leeds in the seemingly never ending wars of the system meant that men and women becoming available to Bowex to hire as transport captains were becoming more scarce, and security personnel even more so.

Kiriko had returned from attempting to find her foster father, Leonardo Ramirez, after having failed in this. Kiriko was then left with little to occupy herself with, due to her leaving the Bretonia Police a month before. With Cly, Kiriko began to fly around Bretonia by theirself in order to assist the armed forces and police forces in their struggles against all the hostile forces that seem to be pinching Bretonia into a smaller and smaller hole.

when offering their services to a Bowex vessel, Kiriko earned the respect of the captain as she was doubtlessly a skilled scout and a formidable combat pilot with Cly's assistance. Shortly after the safe return of a Bowex trade ship from a loop run from Bretonia to Liberty and back, Kiriko was approached by Andrew Peterson -one of the managers of the Borderworld Exports Trading section and a highly respected member of the corporation- about a possible job opportunity for her and Cly, having heard about them and their exploits around Bretonia over the years.

Kiriko was not recruited through traditional employment methods to avoid potential media coverage on the subject, instead Kiriko was drafted by a series of behind the scenes deals and discussions, having strong backing from the Bretonia Police Authority whom vouched for her dedication and conviction when it came to her duty and role as a upholder of the law, saying that her dedication was often surprising in the best possible way, clocking in more hours than even the most enthusiastic new officer and "always seeming to be able to bring home the bacon" even more so than many of the older experienced pilots.

Once she was given the job, Kiriko became a trial security pilot, the Bowex management still having their doubts about her, due to her age and appearance, and also her heritage. rather than letting Kiriko roam free right away, she was placed on a periodic trial in which her performance would be closely watched and scrutinized; punctuality, manners, language, attention to detail, personnel safety margins, personal awareness and personal fitness. Kiriko passed most of the tests with flying colours and due to her cheerful and warm nature, soon most of the trade captains had warmed up to her, most of them seeing Kiriko almost as a second child, or like a child of the corporation. Always asking if she was alright and if she needed anything. Eventually Kiriko and Cly were placed off their trial period and granted the full title of ExSec Scout.

Bowex Security Manager

(13th May 819 - Present) During the several months since Kiriko had joined the corporation she had saved countless lives with her quick wits and keen eye for avoiding danger, helping many convoys to safety where without her they would have been surely destroyed by hostile forces, be it pirates or Gallics Kiriko always managed to somehow get a convoy from A to B and back without incident or casualties. Becoming close to the hearts of almost all the people Kiriko flew with, eventually it became clear that despite her age Kiriko was a sensible and capable young girl, who was mature enough to handle responsibility of great importance without faltering or taking advantage of it.

When Richard Farbridge -the head of Bowex Security- believed it was time for him to step down and allow a younger generation to take the reigns, he personally approved and appointed Kiriko to be his successor as the next head of Border World Exports Security. Kiriko happily accepted this honour with -by this point- the backing of most of the Bowex corporation, managers and personnel alike.

the increased work load of the new position means that Kiriko and Cly spend much more time doing paperwork than they used to, but Kiriko for some reason always enjoyed paperwork, and Cly was always helping her organize files and store them correctly and efficiently so they could be retrieved right away if needed. Cly also helped Kiriko by translating the files into Kusarian since she still finds it hard to understand written Bretonian and also helps with insurance returns on damaged vessels and costs of repairs and equipment for the security fleet. Since Kiriko was never schooled consistently for any length of time she often struggles at most of the more mathematical tasks she is faced with, but thanks to Cly they always manage to pull through regardless of the task at hand.

Off-duty occupations

Kiriko is a very hard worker by nature, spurred on through thick and thin with the fear that her peers and co-workers will look down upon her for being a Kusarian and a child, she works herself almost to death at some times in an attempt to prove herself to people that she can be useful.

Due to her body, Kiriko tends to work for longer and harder than most people would at their day to day job, normally and eventually overworking herself to a point where she ends up hospitalized for several days. However, like everyone Kiriko needs breaks from her work.

with the absence of school and any other forms of study, Kiriko finds herself with much free time when not on escort duty. During this time because of her sickly nature and frail body Kiriko spends lots of time sleeping in order to rest her body and prepare herself for continuing work of the following day.

Kiriko also spends every moment of the day with Cly -using the Clymini- a small palmtop version housing the main CPU of the Clytemnestra main unit. Kiriko also spends many of her off duty hours cleaning the ship exterior, whereby she has to wear a special suit to protect her skin from any of the extremely dangerous chemicals that may be present on it. this is the reason why Kiriko dislikes flying with Cly in the Leeds system, because the smog clouds make the ship incredibly dirty and unsafe.

Fortunately for Kiriko, one of the small perks of being a member of Borderworld Exports is that she gets to use the special equipment on Scarborough station to give the Clytemnestra a professional and clean look, making the ship appear to be brand new again.

On some occasions Kiriko allows the station staff to clean the Clytemnestra when she isn't feeling well enough to do it herself. Kiriko claims that she is giving Cly a bath to make her nice and clean, still personifying the Clytemnestra as though it were a sibling younger than herself.

Personality traits and personal relations

Kiriko dressed in non-uniform attire, her CM-I plate clearly visible imbedded in her right arm.

Kiriko is a meek and mild mannered young girl. she retains a positive outlook and a cheerful attitude about almost everything she encounters. Having never been wealthy or particularly healthy Kiriko understands the value of hard work and perseverance to get through everything that life could throw her way. Kiriko is always seen with Cly, either piloting its main Hussar chassis unit, or carrying the portable 'Clymini', a PDA variant when outside the ship, for home and travel use. She remains confident and outgoing for as long as Cly is with her, Cly being the catalysis that spurs Kiriko forwards helping her to cope with anything that she may have to deal with. Be it small or large, Kiriko knows that Cly will never betray her, and will do anything it can to help her stay safe and happy for as long as possible. As such, Kiriko treats Cly with great unwavering respect, cleaning her whenever possible and trying to always keep Cly from danger in much the same way the AI does for her.

Kiriko is a relatively well known face and voice around Bretonia and has been for several years after making a name for herself in the BPA, having saved many pilots of in every Bretonian factions from disaster over the years she is often a welcome sight for many of the experienced and long time members of the armed forces and continue to try to help anyone who is in need when she comes across them. Within Border World Exports Kiriko is a valued and respected member of the escort service provided by Bowex's ExSec department for convoy safety.

Kiriko's soft hearted and good willed nature has been constantly guided and maintained silently behind the scenes by Mason Hargreaves though the Clytemnestra's programming. Since the AI doesn't answer any questions Kiriko has regarding searches for obscene or harmful images including pornography, drug abuse and or images relating to the visual depiction of graphic violence or death. As well as null comments for searches relating to derogatory or harmful curse words or terms otherwise not deemed socially acceptable, making Kiriko very naive about all mentioned subjects causing her to be potentially extremely vulnerable to misguidance by individuals whom claim to know more about subjects that she otherwise wouldn't be permitted to know about. Kiriko knows that when girls grow up they can have babies, but she doesn't understand how that happens, she knows that taking and abusing drugs and alcohol is bad, but again she does not clearly understand why.

Thankfully her long term of service in the incorruptible Bretonia Police Authority with Miranda Bailey and William Huges, and close working relationships both past and present with many upstanding Bretonian people such as the Bretonian Armed Forces "Clay Brothers" Michael and John Clay, Admirals Robert Jones and Firmus Piett, and the Bretonian Wildcats Feya and Evyn. Or the more present day companions such as James Barnes- Bowex supervisor and captain of the Shire "Whittle", Andrew Peterson -Bowex Trade manager, and arguably Mart Bellock -Bowex trade Supervisor and pilot of the Clydesdale Leeson together with her close personal relation and admiration of Stew Wolfe -captain of the Bowex Shire "Rutherford". All of these people at some point helping Kiriko subconsciously to follow in their ways and actions to make herself a better and stronger person, both in mind and in body.

Shizuma Sakuragi

A doodle Kiriko drew of her mother.
A Photograph Kiriko took of her mother.

Played By: Heraklion

Official Name: Shizuma Sakuragi

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Weight: 62 kg.

Height: 5'4

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: Kusarian

Known Medical Record(s): ?

Kiriko accepted Shizuma as her mother after a few months of living with her and Leonardo Ramirez on the planet Gran Canaria in Shizuma's mansion "Home in the Sun". initially Kiriko announced Shizuma as "Onee-sama" which is a very respectful way to address an older sister figure in a family or friendly relationship. as the months drew by and Kiriko gradually began to settle down, her heart became more restful in Shizuma's care. During one of Kiriko's Aneamic attacks she mistook a frantic Shizuma as her birth mother, Mikoto and announced her as Oka-sama, a respectful way to announce a mother figure.

Eventually the title stuck and Shizuma didnt mind it at all, since in actuallity Kiriko had become like a daughter to her over the time they spent together; she worried if Kiriko was late home from patrol, she would prepare Kiriko's meals for her, and generally make sure that her Anemia was in check and Kiriko was as happy as she could make her.

After a feirce battle in the Dublin system, defending escaping BMM miners from the long clutches of the Black Sail Corsair, the Clytemnestra was destroyed by a nuclear mine just moments before it ejected Kiriko from the vessel, the blast destroyed both her ship, and the enemy ship and recieved serious wounds to her body. her Hymoletic Anemia became a real problem due to her losing even more blood. The loss of blood pushed Kiriko into an Anemic shock, causing her to lose consciousness and to slip into a comatose state where she is stuck in a nightmare with a towering reaper and a endless black void.

Shizuma reiceved a distress signal from the Clytemnestra on a special frequency, knowing something bad must have happened shizuma raced to Battleship Essex. Paniced and extremely worried about her psuedo daughter, Shizuma -as well as Leonardo- stayed with Kiriko by her bed, attempting to help her come to from her nightmare, many tears were shed and thoughts of her not pulling through began to drift at the back of everyones minds. Shizuma decided to act on her impulses, she took off in a hurry for planet New London, to reach the Child Protection and Adoption Agency, she took did all the paperwork and hastily returned to Essex, with writen proof that Kiriko was now infact the legal daughter of Shizuma Sakuragi.

Shizuma whispered with tears in her eyes, explaining to the sleeping Kiriko that she was her daughter and begging her to open her eyes but still she did not, knowing Kiriko like she did Shizuma checked the plate on kiriko's arm and realised that her medicine had completely ran out, Leo ran and undocked from the battleship blasting off for Gran Canaria at full speed in order to reach the medicine that their daughter kept inside her stuffed toy on the bedside table in her room. The medicine was administered and Kiriko awoke both parents were asleep next to her bed, and Lee Adama not far off either, they were all overjoyed.

Shizuma Sakuragi had lost both her parents when she was still a child so she grew up in an orphanage where she was bullied alot. Over the years she developed her fighting skills and she attempted to join the KNF. Having to work almost 4 times harder then all the men to prove herself she finally made it to the naval forces where she has been for almost 7 years. But she was never involved in any of the major operations because her superiors weren't too happy with her, she developed her bomber skills until she was caught in an unfortunate collision during a training. Her superiors who were waiting for her to make a mistake all this time used this chance to have her discharged.

She left Kusari and bought herself a Roc on Freeport 6, she continued her journey all the way to Bretonia where she and Steve Holloway, a guy she met on her first day in Bretonia, worked as guns for hire but eventually they grew a part and Shizuma met Kiriko and Leonardo on almost the same day. After a couple of months she and Leo agreed on adopting Kiriko as their daughter and once they found out Shizuma was pregnant Leo also proposed to her.

9 Months later not much was left of this family life, Shizuma found out that Leonardo was still secretly using cardamine and she threw him out of her house and because she didn't want to raise 'their' child all by herself so she hired a nanny whom is practicly raising the young Hera while Shizuma is off planet patrolling Bretonia. Her evenings and days off she spends with her two daughters, Hera and Kiriko.

Leonardo Ramirez

Leonardo Ramirez.

Played By: Korny

Official Name: Leonardo Ramirez

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Weight: 85 kg.

Height: 6'4

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: Nación Maltesa

Known Medical Record(s):

  • Cardamine Dependency Syndrome
  • Secondary Replacement Eye

Leonardo Ramirez is Kiriko’s adoptive father, as of July 13th 818AS Leonardo Ramirez became the legal father of Kiriko Hidamari as dictated in the Bretonia Laws of Adoption and Child Protection. As her father he spent a lot of time with Kiriko on the estate Shizuma owns on Gran Canaria, taking her shopping for the first time in her life, having barbeques and in general just loving and taking care of Kiriko.

Leonardo struggled with the side effects of his Cardamine Dependency Syndrome. A condition that all inhabitants of the planet Malta are destined to have as the cardamine mutates and changes their DNA, making them unable to survive without it. On the condition from Shizuma that Leo would try and stop taking cardamine they were happily together with their new daughter for a long time, through better and worse.

However, it was impossible for Leonardo to stop taking cardamine, as it gave him severe headaches of frightful magnitude; he consumed a small amount of cardamine in pill form each day, in total secrecy from Shizuma, and Kiriko. Leonard slipped up only once, and Shizuma discovered the pills he had been taking, confronting him about it and in the ensuing domestic argument he was thrown out of the house, and banned from ever entering it again.

Leonardo took off into space without a word and has not been by Kiriko since the day before he was caught, he still thinks and cares about his daughter but has yet to return or make any contact with her to the present day.

Alice Techler & Tony Sentero

Alice Techler.

Played By: Bloodl1ke

Official Name: Alice Techler

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Weight: 55 kg.

Height: 5'4

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: Bretonian

Known Medical Record(s): None

Alice Techler is a pirate come freelancer that Kiriko met on her first days in space after being in hospital for months after the collapse of the Dark Star Syndicate. Eventually Alice Techler became like an older sister figure to Kiriko, and was responsible for giving Kiriko her first taste of Beer when aboard the Junker Base "Trafalgar".

Alice was granted a room in the home of Shizuma Sakaragi and Leonardo Ramirez, the 'Home in the Sun' as it is known, A residence on Gran Canaria. Now able to live with Kiriko and two others, things seemed to be paradise. Unknown to everyone at the time, Alice was still in some dodgy business with a criminal mastermind known as Tony Sentero, who prowled in space aboard a Dometricus Yatch.

When Alice knowingly lead Kiriko to Leeds and convinced her to leave Cly behind, promising to Kiriko that she would get to ride in a luxury yatch if she behaved herself. Kiriko followed her onee-san willingly into the hands of Tony Sentero, forgetting about her condition and that the medicine was with the Clytemnestra taking off and heading out into space.

The Yatch cruised around Sirius with Kiriko aboard staying close to Alice at all times, not aware of the deception at hand. Back on Leeds the Clytemnestra had sent out a warning ping to Leonardo and Shizuma, the ping was carried on the emmergency frequency but carried no information, just a constant ping with a location pointing to the Planet Leeds. worried about the girl they had come to see as a daughter, and knowing that Kiriko and Cly were never seperate if they could help it, they both set out at full speed to find out what was wrong.

Now in omicron Delta, Tony Sentero had made his intentions clear, he did not intend to retrun to Leeds, and rather liked the idea of having the two girls as permanent residents aboard his ship. Alice was horrified, as she had not agreed to the stated terms however Sentero was ruthless, he didnt really care for what she agreed in. Kiriko's health began a slow decline, without her medicine slowly her body began to close itself down. After Alice attempted to fight Sentero he had them both locked into the brig. The pilot of the Yatch did not agree with the treatment of the two young girls, but as usual Sentero did not care.

Sitting in the dark a tearful Alice cradled Kiriko as her health steadily got more serious, talking with Kiriko in an attempt to helped her stay conscious, appologising continuously to her for what she had done. Shizuma and Leonardo had traced the Yatch through Alices ship and information retrieved from the Clytemnestra, a chase ensued accross the galaxy, out of the omicrons, through the sigma's across Rheinland. The two freelancers caught upto and stopped Sentero in the Texas Debris Field and demanded that they release the two girls, Sentero attempted to bargain with the two freelancers but it was not going to work. Shizuma used an information warfare attack to shutdown the Yatch's power and lighting, using the confusion to board the craft killing anyone that got in the way.

It was at this time that the Pilot "Jack" took his own stand and killed Sentero once and for all, opening the brig and releasing the two girls. Alice tried to help Kiriko to escape, but she could not do so alone, Shizuma arrived and saw the state of Kiriko and knew it was bad, she picked up the child and told Alice to come too. They ran back to the docking bay, Shizuma entered the bay turning to find Alice. Alice pushed her into the bay and locked the door behind her, sealing herslef inside the ship, with kiriko now a critical condition shizuma knew that she didnt have time to go back, and strapping Kiriko into her Roc Bomber co-pilots seat the two freelancers raced accross the galaxy in order to get home and give kiriko the medicine she needed before it was too late...

Alice dissapeared in a sence of self punishment at her actions towards Kiriko and was never heard from again, her room in the house remains untouched, in the hope she will one day, return to the family.

Mason Hargreaves

A Secretive man, He is based on planet Leeds somewhere on the lower levels of Holbeck city.

Mason is a mechanical wiz and a long time hater of the war in Bretonia, he Is the man Responsible for creating the Clytemnestra AI using a disabled AI Core the Isorates once found near the corona of a Star in the Independant worlds. He configured the AI from its formerly hostile setting to be one that could benefit Kiriko the most, turning the AI into a companion, giving it the ability to understand and correct her speech should she make any errors, offering translations if kiriko needed them, performing analitical sweeps of system data and turning them into an understandable report for Kiriko to read.

Mason never fully believed that Kiriko should have been allowed to have a ship of her own, but due to the stubborness of Captian Villia all he could do was make sure her life was as comfortable as possible.

Mason is still stationed on planet Leeds, and is one of the few locatable members of the Syndicate trade fleet, He updates the Clytemnestra AI periodically over time, resulting in 'Cly's ability to perform basic emotions in response to situations or speech.

Tyronne Hopper

Tyronne Hopper Communication Sigil.

A Hardcore Mercenary with a soft side for Kiriko, as an Ex-Molly Tyronne spent most of his time roaming the stars away from his former home, however, a certain little girl who always got into trouble in bretonia made sure he was never very far away. Though it seemed Tyronne was always looking out for Kiriko, he himself had his own agenda to follow.

Kiriko was the only active police officer after a collapse of the Bretonia police command structure, during her patrols she would encounter dozens of threats all day every day, and Tyronne used her ability to find and basically attract hostile 3rd parties to gain himself a nice tidy sum of money by destroying them all.

Kiriko enjoyed having "Hopper-san" around, because she felt safe, he was easily a match for any of the pirates that swarmed Bretonia day by day. Eventually Tyronne did become quite concerned over her general well being, this was amplified once he had figured out just how young and frail she really was.

They formed a kind of unofficial partnership, Tyronne would keep her safe and give her some company on long patrols and in exchange he got to blow up as many hostiles as he wanted, of which there was never a shortage.

After a while they had grown closer, Tyronne had become almost like a protective older brother in Kiriko's eyes. he once brought her to a fancy restaurant on planet Curacao where she met his partner Lynn and enjoyed Ice cream for the first time, and Tyronne saw just how small and childish she still was, having separated her from the ship "Cly", at which time did not have a portable AI unit.

Tyronne disappeared without a trace after leaving Kiriko the key to his Curacao condo, she has often wondered where he could have gone, but no clues or traces of him remained to follow.

Libertonians and Rheinlanders


Kiriko has a steadily growing distrust and gradual dislike of Junkers in and around Bretonia, when on patrol Junker marked vessels are often caught with Highly illeagal materials, such as Artifacts and Counterfiet Software, Using their unique likeability status with bretonian lawfuls to escape unwanted attention. Kiriko has learned not to trust these people more and more, as behind the scenes they cause more damage than they appear to clean up, in their New London scrap harvesting operations.

Kusarians, Bretonians, other foreigners