Shizuma Sakuragi

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Shizuma Sakuragi
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliation Freelancer
KNF 7 years
Born March 25 795 A.S.
Died still alive


Early years (795-801 A.S.)

At the age of 5 she witnessed her mother getting hit by a laser during a robbery at the local bank. She was an innocent bystander, when the robbers started shooting, Shizuma's mother was caught in the fire. With only her father left she missed the motherly figure in her life, after his wifes death Shizuma's father decided to learn her how to defend herself using the ancient art of sword fighting. 1 year after her mother passed, her father commited suicide and Shizuma ended up in the local orphanage.

Orphanage (801-811 A.S.)

The years she spent in the orphanage where hard for her, she was a quiet girl and most of the time she spent reading books. For this same reason the other girls bullied her alot, Shizuma slowly got more agressive due of the constant bullying and eventually she used force against the other girls. Since then she received alot of punishments from the caretakers. On her 16th birthday she said farewell to her old life and enlisted in the KNF

Kusari Naval Forces (811-818 A.S.)

She enlisted for the KNF on the age of 16, lying she was 18 her application got approved. In the KNF she started to train her sword fighting again and soon realized she prefers the potential of an elegant blade over a gun. She was trained to become one of the best bomber pilots of the force, but after she got injured during a training her superiors found her incapable for doing this job. She got dismissed from the special training program one day before her 23th birthday, March 24 818 A.S. She felt betrayed by all of this and resigned from the KNF.

Mercenary (818 A.S. - present day)

On her 23th birthday she left Kusari and travelled to the nearest freeport to start a new life, a life as a mercenary. With the cash she inherited from her parents she bought herself a fully equiped Roc bomber, the KNF might find her incapable of flying one, but she knows for sure that this one bomber will make her rich.

Important Events

Steve Holloway (April 5 818 A.S.)

On the 5th of April she set course for Dublin to look for a job as an escort for one of the many Gold Ore transports. When she docked on Battleship Hood to look for an employer she came across Steve Holloway, a Bretonian mercenary who has been in the bussiness for quite a while now. They started to talk and after a while Steve got curious about the combat skills of this young Kusarian woman. In space they entered simulation modus and initiated a battle. Steve was flying a Sabre and he was convinced that he had an advantage against Shizuma's slower and less agile Roc bomber. Unfortunatly she didn't tell him she enjoyed a KNF training, the simulation was over soon and Steve demanded a revenge. Shizuma defeated him twice with a nice, well aimed shot of her SNAC. Minutes after the second simulation they noticed a BPA ship being pirated by 2 freelance pirates. They offered Shizuma 15 million to destroy the little BPA pest, but Steve, loyal to his homeland, paid the demanded amount of cash to the pirates so the BPA was free.

Steve knew Shizuma has the right skills for the job and he sees a lot of potential in her, for this same reason he decided to offer her to team up. Shizuma on the other hand, is convinced Steve ripped her off for 15 millions by saving the BPA pilot and she decided to stay close to him until she gets the money.


Roc - CTE-19000 Civilian Bomber