Kodiak Research Station

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Kodiak Research Station
Cochrane class Asteroid Base
Kodiak Research Station.png
Flag-liberty.png Liberty Security Force
2E, Alaska
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 280

Kodiak Research Complex was constructed in 803 A.S., as a large fully equipped and self-sufficient facility led by the Liberty Security Force. The station was initially built inside an old ice asteroid, to study what the Nomads left after the brief Nomad war. Most of the artifacts left over by these races were never studied completely or deeply by any organization beside the Order. Some data from the Valhalla archive is also rumored to be studied here.

Until 817 A.S, the location and existence of the facility was classified top secret. Only high ranking Military officers and some members of the government knew about the complex. Nowadays, the base is more well known among naval officers, but is still secret to the public and access to the station is still heavily restricted to LSF and Navy personnel only.

Kodiak Research Complex is equipped with a large range of technologies and sections to run tests in multiple different environments. It also has the facilities to manufacture some prototype ship blueprints based on new technologies, which Juneau can then construct. The station has all the necessary equipment to survive on its own for more than six months, thus creating less suspicion about supply ships heading to unknown locations.

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