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This is an NPC faction. This is a NPC faction. For the rules for this particular faction, see Nomad ID.

Origin Daam K'Vosh Empire
Alignment Nomad
Date of founding 2.000.000 B.C A.S.
Founder(s) Daam K'Vosh
Base of operations Dur-Shurrikun, Omicron Iota
Primary role
Secondary role


The Slomon K'Hara are a sapient, blue extraterrestrial race created as an experiment by the Daam K'Vosh Empire. Within Sirius, they are known to all save themselves as the Nomads.

The Slomon K'Hara date their civilization back at least thousands of years, and developed independently after their masters disappeared. While it is possible that other parts of the Daam K'Vosh Empire contain members of the Slomon K'Hara species, their current and only known habitat is that of the Sirius Sector.

They possess little inherent genetic code, apparently allowing easier symbiotic fusion with other species such as humans without the problems of a differing genetic pattern. This is commonly referred to as possession or infestation, as the Slomon K'Hara controls the body of the host, typically with little mental or physical independence on the part of the host.


Although many attempts to decipher the K'Hara's biological puzzle by Liberty and Order scientists have been made. Little information has been recovered on their genetic, physiological and organic structures.

What is known of Slomon K'Hara biology comes from countless encounters scans and engagements throughout sirius since before the war of 800 a.s.

The bodies of the ships while observed are a rigid crystalline composite that itself seems to be able to repair damage and flaws in its construction. Many energies seems to flow within and from without the structure and despite analysis of remains of nomad ships and artifacts the source of this energy is unknown. What is known is that the vessels propel themselves via this energy either through magnetic or gravitational forces around and inside the ship.

Nomad ships have advanced tractor beaming technology that also seem to affect matter into energy and vice versa when carrying objects or cargo.

Other forms of Nomads such as incubi or hybrids exhibit silicon organ/nervous systems that can blend seamlessly into a host or shapeshift or even exhibit invisibility.

Large Nomad construction. Purpose unknown.


By way of Oracle materials provided to the public and witness reports the culture of the Slomon K'Hara is united by a common telepathic bond. How this hive mind is oriented is unknown but it does seem to show that certain personalities within the Slomon K'Hara are archetypal and have memories and experiences that are shared and private. Associations and relationships also seem to be an individual choice when dealing with species outside the collective. See here for more detailed pictures.


The Slomon K'Hara possess incredibly advanced technology, including at least one example of utilization of a Dyson Sphere, a device to gather and use the power output of a star, and the ability to destroy stars using a massive ship with unknown, possibly projectile mechanisms for manipulating stellar fusion.

Controlled and contested Space

While not many of their systems are known to the Human race, a small number of star systems containing a significant Nomad presence have been charted (and in a few instances, fully explored): Omicron Delta, Omicron Iota (which is rumored to be the Nomad capital system), Omicron Kappa, Omicron Lost, Omicron Minor, Omicron Chi, Omicron Psi, Omicron Mu, Omicron Rho, Omicron Sigma, Omicron Epsilon, Inverness and Alaska.


  • Ships bigger than Gunboats are only available for members of an official player faction!

Fighters & Bombers

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Nomad Morph
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The Adad


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Greater Irra
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