Luxury Liner Antibes

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Luxury Liner Antibes
Snapdragon class Liner
Luxury Liner Antibes.jpg
IDF Logo.png Ile-de-France Shipping
1C, Provence
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 310

Luxury Liner Antibes is operated by Bouvet Space Entertainment, formerly a Solar Engineering subsidiary. Built in 724 A.G.S., it is one of the most recent liners of the Snapdragon class. Antibes was specially modified to be able to operate within the dangerous confines of the Provence system. It has an extended shield grid, weapons array, and reinforced hull armor rumored to be as durable as that of the Obstinate Battlecruiser. While these make this ship a small flying fortress, the modifications limit the amount of passengers she can carry and make her more expensive to run. Still, the thrill of being aboard a liner under threat of attack by pirates is a thrill many adventure-seeking wealthy travelers are unable to pass up.

The ship comes under occasional attack by Gallic Brigand raiders, who some rumor to actually be on the company payroll to put on a good show for the guests. The Maquis have attempted to destroy the liner, but were unable to due to the difficulties provided by its enhanced defenses.

In 737 AGS by a Royal Decree, Solar Engineering was dissolved with the majority of its assets merged into EFL Oil and Machinery. Bouvet Space Entertainment on the other hand, was purchased by Ile-de-France Shipping, along with most of its popular luxury liner offerings including the Antibes. Though the ownership of the liner has changed, the liner itself continues running with no noticeable difference.

Finding itself in far more dangerous situations as of late and being too close to skirmishes between the Gallic Royal Navy and revolutionary forces of the Council in the system, IDF Shipping has relocated the Antibes to the orbit of Avignon, a position that is far less compromising while still providing the thrill that its special clientele seek

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