Matt Bower

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He was born in 796 A.S. on Southampton Shipyard. His parents was workers on the shipyard, his father was an engineer and his mother is a ship designer. When he was 12, he started to learn engineering like his father. In 810, the shipyard was in under attack by the Mollys. His father died in the siege. After his 19. birthday (A.S. 815) he left the shipyard, went to Planet Leeds and bought a Percheron. He named his ship BullHeart and started to work in space as a trader at BMM. He also bought a Raven's Talon as his personal fighter. He loves his current job, but he want to leave the company and join an independent one like the Orbital Spa and Cruise and be a captain of a Luxury Liner, cause he likes travel with a lot of people to stranger worlds like the edge of Sirius Sector.