Montmartre Space Colony

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Montmartre Space Colony
Heliopolis class Station
Montmartre Space Colony.jpg
Flag-gallia.png Gallic Royal Police
6E, Ile-de-France
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 1,380

Gallic records of the first steps of Ile-de-France space exploration are known to be incomplete. Existing records indicate that the area where Montmartre is now located was the site of the very first station construction in Gallic space, dated between 80 and 90 A.G.S. . The first station known as Montmartre Space Colony was built in 197 A.G.S. and was fully rebuilt several times, the last rebuild taking place about 200 years ago.

Montmartre in its modern state is a huge station that houses almost a two thousand people, being one of the largest and most well-equipped space colonies in Gallic space. The station docking facilities are administered by Royal Police, but most of the station is under civilian administration. The structure and competency of Montmartre's administration mostly replicate local governments found on populated planets of the House. The station has its own light industry that employs much of its population, producing a wide array of Consumer Goods, many of which are exported to Planet New Paris and elsewhere.

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Heavy Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter
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