Mortagne Production Facility

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Removed with Systems Maine in 4.89

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Mortagne Production Facility
Perche class Station
Mortagne Production Facility.jpg
Solarengineeringlogo.png Solar Engineering
3C, Maine
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 350

The space around Mayenne was home to several installations, both civilian and (after the First Gallic War) military. After Fort Mortagne was decommissioned in 615 A.G.S., the Crown offered to sell the station to the highest bidder. Most corporations considered it to be too risky, despite the fact that hostilities had all but come to a standstill. Solar Engineering however considered the place to be suitable for its new Holo-Tainment Band production facility.

The Holotainment Band factory does not require a large number of employees and finding the required workforce within the Maine Systems was relatively easy. Modifications to the station were completed in 641 A.G.S. and has been producing ever since. Mortagne is the primary production facility for Holotainment Bands in Gallia. Cautious about security around the facility, Solar Engineering has hired private contractors to bolster the stations perimiter defenses.

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