Planet Mayenne

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Planet Mayenne
Planet Mayenne.jpg

Owner Gallic Metal Service
Location 3C/3D, Maine
Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Technical information
Population 130,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 8,825 km
Mass 4.04 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -147°C to -5°C
Escape velocity 9.02 km/sec

The icy world of Mayenne was colonized in 452 AGS. The conditions on the planet were long considered to be too harsh for any mining operation, yet the presence of rare minerals that were difficult to acquire elsewhere in Gallia eventually led the Gallic Metal Service (GMS) to establish a small mining post. The facility grew steadily until the First Gallic War. When the planet ended up on the frontline, the GMS ceased operation and pulled most of the miners out. The Normandy seperatists launched several attacks against the facilities from orbit, destroying many structures in large scale, indiscriminate bombing. This was followed up by a two ground invasions, both of which failed miserably. The seperatists and their equipment were completely unprepared for the extreme conditions on the planet, and many soldiers either froze to death were submerged by snow during the planet's many blizzards.

After the war, the mining facilities were rebuilt and the planet's industry started to grow once again. The current population is nearing 130.000, but due to Mayenne's proximity to the Normandy border, 50.000 of these are part of the Gallic Marine detachment which is permanently stationed on the Planet.

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