Nomad Lair (Omicron Sigma)

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Nomad Lair (Omicron Sigma)
Palladia class Station
Nomad Lair (Omicron Sigma).jpg
Flag-nomads3.png Nomads
G5, Omicron Sigma
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew Unknown

A hollow structure made of an unknown material. Nomad Hives similar to this can be found in dangerously remote or far-flung locations around the sector, each sharing the same disk-like shape and containing a variety of smaller chambers. A mysterious font of energy appears to be at its core.

Cited by the human intelligence communities as the responsible entity for launching the strikes which destroyed Freeport 7, this hive was placed under considerable threat by LSF forces that had been sent to investigate the attack. During their investigations, an LSF ship stumbled up the hive’s location, forcing the Nomads to destroy the entire squadron in order to protect their whereabouts. What conclusions drawn from the investigation and the onimous disappearance of the agents were promptly overshadowed by the outbreak of the Nomad War. Though no further attempts have been made to uncover the cause of Freeport’s destruction, which is still considered a mystery by many to this day.

Missions Offered

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Nomad Morph
Light Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter
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