Liberty Security Force

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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Liberty Security Force (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Liberty Security Force ID.

Liberty Security Force
LSF Logo.png
Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 528 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations Planet Manhattan, New York
Primary role
Monitoring illegal activity in Liberty space
Secondary role
Providing the military with intelligence

The Liberty Security Force (LSF) is the intelligence branch of the Liberty Armed Forces, operating in secrecy to ensure the free flow of goods and services in the Liberty economy.


The Liberty Security Force keeps Liberty free from criminal activity and monitors illegal trades in contraband. They function as the intelligence branch of the Liberty Military, often operating in secret to ensure the free flow of goods and services within the Liberty economy. The LSF is so secret, in fact, that one rarely encounters them, although LSF officer Jun'ko Zane has been known to actively recruit freelancers to do the LSF's dirty work. LSF personel are widely respected in the Liberty Military, although there is no love lost between them and the Liberty Navy, who both view themselves that the true vanguard of Liberty and who insist on letting the other group fully realise that fact whenever they have to work uncomfortably close on joint assignments. The Liberty Police seems to have a decnt working relationship with the LSF. While the juristiction of these groups is fuzzy, the LSF does provide critical intel to the Mission Commission allowing them to rank LSF sanctioned missions in terms of difficulty, giving the pilot a fair shot at whatever may be coming their way.



Faction Relationship
Liberty Police Incorporated
Liberty Navy
Liberty corporations
At War
Red Hessians
At War
At War
At War
At War
Liberty Rogues
At War

Known Bases

Notable affiliates

Jun'ko Zane
A young ex-LSF commander of Kusarian birth which played a important role in the Nomad War. Knight of the Lone Star Medal recipient.

Edison Trent
A Freelancer working together with LSF Operative Jun'Ko Zane during the Nomad War, temporarily employed by the LSF as civilian contractor. Knight of the Lone Star Medal recipient.