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This is an unofficial player group.

Nova Power Generation
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding 321 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Current leader(s) unknown
Base of operations Kyoto Base, Chugoku
Primary role
Re-establishing the Hideyoshi Dynasty with a direct descendant
Secondary role
Curbing Samura Industries and their projects in Hokkaido


813 AS

NovaPG, Once Hessian pirate/terrorists operating in Rheinland space. Until events transpired against them that lead to their defection to Kusari. The group were on an escort mission. The mission was to escort a member of the Blood Dragon council. What should have been a routine mission turned to an assasination attempt. As the escort group was on route to a meeting with the Red Hessian high council. Later information that was manufactured led both councils to believe it was a coup set up by the NovaPG themselves. It was confusing times and the blame had to be layed at somones door. Nova were the only ones it seemed with the knowledge and the means to pull it off. Although the Blood Dragon council were led to believe the same. They then gained information that one of the Red Hessian Generals, Gottfried Kirmess, was corrupt. They found information proving that he had been leaking information about the meeting between the two councils. To the Rheinland Police and Government. And that he was infact the one whome had set the whole thing up. And proved NovaPGs innocence. This information later led to his assasination by the NovaPG. After these events. The then leader of NovaPG John"Intoxication"Cole, was called to a meeting by the members of the Red Hessian High Council. There they told him they had started an investigation, after the death of the Hessian general, to find out why NovaPG did not alert them all. They found proof of the General's corruption and asked him to attend the meeting. The NovaPG wished to return to Hessian space, but this was no longer possible as the men no longer felt at home due to the events thats drove them from their homes. When everyone else had turned thier back on them the Dragons, who had been led to the Nova had attempted the assassination, offered their support. From that day forth the NovaPG swore allegiance to the Blood Dragons, and migrated to Kusari to assist the Dragons in their fight.


NovaPG comences opperations from Kusari space. Striking at the heart of the Rheinland diamond ruites on thier way to Kusari space their main objectives are to overthrow the current Kusari goverment, while at the same time destroying Rheinlands trade and economy. All this time becoming feared warriors known for their signature kills and elite fighting styles gained due to the marriage between the Hessian and Blood Dragon training that they now have access to. They quickly became known for their ruthlessness agianst foreign traders and war ships alike.

816 AS

Over three months ago the original leader of the NovaPG, John"Intoxication"Cole, gave up the sword and handed down the leadership the NovaPG to his most trusted adovaisa teichou Bruce"DieHard"Willis, was his english name, his real name was Buurusu Wirisu the Teichou was once a honorable and kind man was one of the most well renowned and respected Teichou's in the Blood Dragon organization, He and his ship the Kana Keiko had fought many battles together his legacy was well known by his Blood Dragon doubou. Unfortunately a few months into his career as the shidousha Buurusu became heavily befriended with the outcasts.... little to his knowing on his visits to their strong holds and boarding of their ships he was slowly and slowly becoming more addicted to their Drugs Cardamine. The drug slowly and slowly started to eat away at Buurusu's brain unknowingly becoming more and more insane as his body felt the need for the drug. Over time Buurusu began to grow weary and more and more aggressive by the day. His Anger began countless battles across Sirius from the blockade of the Sigma 13 system, to the Full scale invasion of Corsair and Liberty space. Though the battles were glorious and mostly victorious, Most of his fellow Blood Dragon doubou Looked down upon these actions as rash and dishonorable. Many of his doubou began to grow suspicious of Buurusu's actions, growing more and more worried his adovaisa Gabriel Dejesus confronted him about the matter. "Thy path is leading away from ours. Your ways are getting more heretical and blasphemous by the day. The devil himself is taking a hold of your mind", Buurusu was stunned by his most trusted friend confronting him in such a way, he began to curse and scream at Gabriel..... it was at this moment Gabriel knew there was something wrong with the Teichou after he had this sudden outburst. Gabriel left the room and then began to think on what the problem could be, his original thought was something personal had happened to him and was under a great amount of pressure.... but no-one expected what they where about to hear in a weeks time.

  • 1 week later*

Teichou Buurusu Wirisu Fell gravely ill after his confrontation with Gabriel no more than a week ago. The illness was completely new and unknown to the Blood Dragons and their medical expertise, little hope remained as Buurusu's condition grew worse and worse by the hour, at the rate he was going at he would be lucky to make it 'till the morn, his brothers desperately trying to come up with a way to save the Teichou's life resorted to requesting the help from the Outcasts. Though they had a certain disliking to the Outcast's for their drugs they had great medical technology to the point they may have a cure for Buurusu's sudden illness.

The Blood Dragons contacted begrudgingly the Outcasts for their assistance in the matter, trying to seize the opportunity to gain friendlier terms with the Blood Dragons the Outcasts rushed to Mito shipyards immediately. The following hour they arrived and started to inspect Buurusu, it was not long till they came to a conclusion and requested permission to take him on-board one of their ships to inspect him further on their flagship.

  • 2 hours later*
      • Comm link initiated***

Fuen Lebrada: "This is the Dreadnought Fuen Lebrada calling Mito shipyards please respond"

Mito: "This is Mito shipyards, please report on Buurusu's condition Outcast forces"

Fuen Lebrada: "We have managed to pin point the problem with our technology and expertise, twud seem your glorious "Teichou" has become addicted to our glorious orange ambrosia somehow"

Mito: "WHAT!?!?!?!?!, Get Gabriel over here immediately he needs to see this, if we find you have anything to do with dirtying our leaders body we shall not be happy Outcast's"

Fuen Lebrada: "Oh no my friend, I don't think this is any of our doing. I think we would be a lot more proud of ourselves if we managed to get one of your leaders enlightened to our drugs Dragon"

Mito: "Watch your tongue Outcast, remember who's land you are in right now"

Fuen Lebrada: "Yeah, Yeah hurry up and bring the head over here I have no time to speak to underlings"

Gabriel: ""I've seen enough. Take your carcass and move it to your own defiled world. Should you ever dare to enter here again, we shall make sure the Pyre is grand enough to purify your souls""

        • comm link terminated****

The Outcasts though brave or some would say arrogant did not wish to start a full scale battle with the Blood Dragons over such a trivial matter and heeded Gabriel's words and and proceeded back to Omicron Alpha.

It was a sad day for the NovaPG seeing their leader in such a state it was then Gabriel took the initiative in this dreadful situation and broadcast a family wide transmission.


"Honorable Dragons, members of the council. I would like to point you to the matter that, the mind and body of our leader Buurusu has been completely poisoned and darkened. I shall not put up a story about an honorable battle that he lost, no, he got poisoned by the drug we all so despise. That which corrupts mind and body. Cardamine. Now, due to his inabillity to lead our wing, and him being in outcast care, I, Joshua Dejesus, now pronounce myself leader of the NovaPower wing until he can make a full recovery"


The situation had calmed, though many of the Blood Dragons now begrudged Buurusu for succumbing to the drug. There was still few who believed in Buurusu and knew he would not intentionally become addicted to a drug he so despised if not more so than the rest of his doubou. The pilots where Rangu Hikari his bodyguard Miagi-san, the 2 brothers Yoshi and Nishi Takahara, Hikaru, Katsuo Isamu, Juntoku Genji and the one known as Reflection. The eight men loyal to their old Teishou began to grow weary and tired of following their new leader. The men respected their current leader but no one to them could live up to the name of their 2 previous shidousha.

While his men where pondering on ways to regain their old shidousha's honor and title, Buurusu was slowly regaining his health on the planet of Alpha. in his recouperation chamber Buurusu was lain strapped to a bed to prevent the cardamine gene from spreading to rapidly, most people would die with the lack of cardamine in their veins, it was a miracle he recovered from the state he was in, as he lay staring at the cold dark ceiling of his chamber the noise of a door opening is heard. Buurusu looks around trying to gain his bearings, a man with white hair stood across him. It was his friend from the RoS wing Lohingren.

Lohingren: Bruce my friend, how did this happen to you.... you have been infected by that tragic curse of a drug, I am truly sorry I feel that this is somehow my fault.

Bruce: *cough splutter* No sir, it was my own foolishness not listening to you when you told me to cover my body and wear the mask, it was my own arrogance that has brought me here.

Lohingren: Even so it was my fault that you where exposed to the gasses of this planet and our ships... how can I pay you back for this terrible deed I have done.

Bruce: There is nothing you can do sir, I had a good run it is time for me to pass on.

Lohingren: No my friend I cannot let the man who welcomed us when we arrived here to pass on so horribly, I have destroyed your honor and pride.....

Bruce: The words are touching, I fear I have no place to go home to. I will no longer be welcome around my fellow doubou.

Lohingren: Join me then, Join me in my plight against the Corsair scum, my plight against Humankind.

Bruce: Your words are most welcoming sir, I have no where else to go I shall join you.

Lohingren: Excellent I shall commission you a destroyer for our old time relationship. It is the least I can do for bringing you to this low.

Bruce: Thank you sir.

Lohingren: Thank you for being so forgiving, i shall let you rest now.

  • Lohingren walks out the room slowly a slight smirk on the side of his face as he closes the door*

Meanwhile back on Mito Transports the situation had been growing worse and worse after a announcement was made by Gabriel once again.

"Now, as you all know, our old leader, Buurusu, has been taken over by the Outcast drug. Due to his addiction, he is now fully dependent on the Outcast's help, and will never return. The council has decided, and I have agreed, that we will from this day on, we will change our way of acting, thinking, flying. We will once more strive, to obtain the old ways. Those of Hideyoshi's guard. I sincerely hope that all of my, and your brothers, those beside you when you fight, those watching you when you sleep, will abide by these changes and follow us. Follow us, to victory!"

This caused a uproar with the ones supporting the old monarchy, The NovaPG had split into two, the ones loyal to their old leader and the ones loyal to the current one.... both bickering and squabbling over a petty ordeal. A battle was about to wage between the 2 forces, the winner would restore the new order to their organization. Gabriel managed to keep the situation from going that far for as long as he could, he was able to hold it off for around a month.

      • 1 Month Later***

Bruce had been flying with the RoS for just under a month now after making a full recovery he was stationed in the DEADPOOL. This caused much unrest amongst the Outcast forces, the 101st's leader Mia had no love for the man and the feeling was mutual on Bruce's part. Bruce hadn't ever felt at home though with his friend Lohingren, He longed to be back with his brothers... though he would never be welcome again, it was around two days later that he found out about the current situation with his NovaPG brothers. The situation saddened Bruce to the point of extreme depression.

It was later that day Bruce decided to broadcast a secret message forwarded to all blood dragon vessels and comm stations, it would seem they hadn't changed the comm channels since he was the leader.

He decided to stop the bickering once and for all, at the cost of his own life he would regain the honor the NovaPG once had.

"Sir's I am truly sorry for all the trouble that my foolishness has caused, right now I am working with my good friend Lohingren. I wish you to hold no ill will toward these men, they had no doing in my infection and corruption of my body. Here I stand infront of you all sir's for the last time as a equal, to regain our long lost honor that was taken from us, I shall become a leaf in the wind. I wish you all the best of luck in the future do not fight amongst yourselves but become one. Bruce unsheathed a large Katana, placed the blade face up. "Remember Sir's, remember this act and destroy our enemies" at that instant Bruce plunged his body on top of the blade, blood stains running up the fine shined steel."

The NovaPG and Blood Dragon forces where moved by his act of compassion, The forces bickering became one once again for that moment. Though the fighting had carried on to far, the NovaPG where now split into two forces. the Hideyoshi Guard Lead by Gabriel Dejesus. And the NovaPG lead by Miagi-san, The original leader was supposed to be Miagi's sensei Rangu Hikari though due to his past responsibilites turned down the offer and wanted to be a regular warrior under the rule of his once Bodyguard and best friend Miagi.

Both sides though carrying a different banner carry on as one, carrying on the dreams of the Blood Dragons, of the past shidousha, of Bruce Willis for the restoration of the emperor they fight to gain control of Kusari once again.

Known Bases


Faction Relationship
Golden Chrysanthemums
At War
At War
Farmers Alliance
At War
Bounty Hunters
At War
Kusari State Police
At War
Kusari Naval Forces
At War
Samura Industries
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