Kyoto Base

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Kyoto Base
Bushido class Asteroid Base
Kyoto Base.jpg
DragonsLogo.png Blood Dragons
4D/5E, Chugoku
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 41,920

The history of the Blood Dragons goes back to the fourth century. The founding members of the group were the Shogun's Royal Guard during the Hideyoshi family dynasty. In a bloody coup during the celebration of the revived Sakura festival in 321 A.S., the Shogun was surrounded in the palace by [[[Samura]]-backed elements of the military and asked to surrender, along with the Royal Guard. The Shogun, humiliated by the shame he had brought his family, committed suicide. The guards, headed by Kozue Okamura, did not acquiesce so easily. In a bloody battle, they fought their way out of the palace and retreated into the darkness of northern Kusari space. Here they regrouped and began a long guerrilla campaign aimed at overthrowing the Samura-controlled Kusari government

The Blood Dragons are a tight group who hold the sympathy and support of individuals in the highest levels of Kusari government. They periodically launch surgical strikes and commando raids from their Kyoto base designed to destabilize the current government to the point where sympathetic officials could potentially seize power. Blood Dragons prefer to target Samura and Kusari Naval Forces bases and ships, although they occasionally attack other House shippers for supplies.

The group is loosely allied with the Golden Chrysanthemums (GC), who provide refuge and a forward tactical base for assault crews in the Hokkaido system. The GC also provide many of the essential Commodities that the Blood Dragons need, a critical function given the complete lack of Blood Dragon landing rights within the rest of Kusari space. With the invasion threat posed by the Chugoku Gate out of the way, the system itself is once again safely in the hands of the Blood Dragons.

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Heavy Fighter
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