Official Daumann Heavy Construction ID

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This ID is specific to Discovery Freelancer RP 24/7 and may not appear on other servers.

  • This Primary ID is only available for use on ships belonging to DHC- official faction.

Daumann Heavy Construction is the largest mining and manufacturing corporation in Rheinland. It has a partnership with Republican Shipping and competes with BMM, and the Independent Miners Guild. Daumann often uses mercenaries to attack competition and protect its interests. The Red Hessians often attack Daumann ships.

Pilot carrying this lawful ID is member of the Daumann Heavy Construction who:

  • Can attack any ship in self-defense, to protect an allied or neutral lawful ship, or in defense of a base of the same affiliation, both within and outside of their Zone of Influence.
  • Can attack ships belonging to houses or organisations considered hostile by Rheinland within their Zone of Influence.
  • Can attack Red Hessians anywhere.
  • Can demand Blood Diamonds from any ship carrying them and destroy those who refuse to comply.
  • Can engage in piracy against the IMG and BMM in the Omegas only.
  • Can engage in piracy against corporations affiliated with houses at war with Rheinland anywhere.
  • Cannot ally with any unlawfuls.
  • Cannot participate in unlawful actions except as described above.

Zone of Influence: Rheinland, Saar, Omega-3, Omega-7, Omega-9, Omega-11

Allowed ships: Fighters, Freighters, Transports, Gunboats


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