Independent Miners Guild

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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Independent Miners Guild (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Independent Miners Guild ID.

Independent Miners Guild
Alignment Independent
Date of founding 654 A.S.
Founder(s) Various
Base of operations Various
Primary role
Natural resource speculation and mining
Secondary role
Space exploration

The Independent Mining Guild (IMG) is a loose confederation of miners who work those fields that have thus far remained undeveloped by the larger mining companies. Conflict between IMG and BMM in Tau space was one of the primary causes of the war between Bretonia and Kusari known as the First Tau War. The IMG is geographicly split in two larger groups; one in the Omegas based on Freistadt with Rheinic origin and the larger one in the Taus and Bretonian systems based on Java Station.


The Independant Miners Guild is a large organization which focuses on providing labor and income for it's guild members. Not as profit-oriented as the larger house corporations, the IMG frequently establishes mining operations that other corporations do not deem economically viable. This ranges from small-scale mining, to establishing operations under hostile conditions. Although the IMG has it's roots in Bretonia and Rheinland, it has attracted disgruntled and abandoned workers from all four houses, and is not specifically affiliated with any single house.


654 AS - The first Independent Miners Guild (IMG) base is established in the Tau-23 system, known as Java Station. Bretonia Mining and Metals(BMM) surveyors somehow missed the system Tau-23 during the great mapping period in 450AS. A couple of Cambridge geology professors on research sabbatical stumbled across it in 654AS. Lacking the practical experience to develop the resources of the system, they persuaded some BMM mining engineers to start a new company, known as the Independent Miners Guild.

702 AS - Unemployed Rheinland workers begin joining the Independent Miners Guild, following the collapse of the Rheinland economy after their defeat in the 80 Year War against the GMG.

752 AS - The Founders' Day Revolt by miners in the Dublin system occurs; the first major loss is the gunboat "Storm". In the aftermath the Mollies establish themselves as a permanent faction in Dublin. Some disgruntled miners opting against violence leave BMM for IMG.

756 AS - The Independent Miners Guild recovers the hulk of Battleship Hood, which was wrecked by a Molly trap, repressurising it and establishing a gold mining operation in an asteroid field in the no mans land between the Mollies and Bretonia Armed Forces. A racing course through the asteroid field is established not soon thereafter.

760 AS - The Independent Miners on Freistadt join up with the Independant Miners Guild. IMG survey operations discover immense pockets of resources in the Walker nebula clouds. The IMG immediately begins mining and exporting the various minerals found.

802 AS - A small group of independent miners started to colonize Pecos in the Coronado system with a few small mining colonies.

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Very Heavy Fighter
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Nanda Devi


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