Planet Chateauroux

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Planet Chateauroux
Planet Chateauroux.jpg

Owner Gallic Royal Police
Location 5B, Berry
Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Desert
Diameter 7,716 km
Mass 4.87 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -65°C to 120°C
Escape velocity 8.94 km/sec

Chateauroux was once considered a candidate for terraforming, to create a biosphere suitable for human life. This would not be an easy undertaking as the planet had no liquid surface water. The severe lack of water in the atmosphere also causes extremely high differences in temperature, which in turn spawned massive dust and lightning storms. Early attempts to colonize the world failed as the electrical storms routinely fried any equipment brought down to the surface. While terraforming remains an option, the amount of water that would need to be brought in to the planet is staggering, and there are no suitable sources available in Berry.

The little water the planet does have is locked in the polar icecaps. When scientists came to study them, they found an unusually high concentration of Deuterium within the deeper ice layers. Recognizing its potential as a fuel source, EFL acquired mining rights for both the poles at the stipulation that in times of war the Royal Navy would acquire its fuel at cost price. As a result, EFL's operations on Chateauroux are currently operating at a loss.

The planet also has a few smaller mining operations unrelated to the frigid Deuterium mines. Since the atmosphere is unbreathable, environment suits are needed outside of shielded areas (such as the main spaceport). The planet currently has about 96.000 inhabitants, most of whom are employed in the various mining industries.

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