Planet Palmyra

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Planet Palmyra
Planet Palmyra.jpg
Location D5, Omicron Sigma
Edge Worlds
Technical information
Docking No
Terrain Arctic
Diameter 9,568 km
Mass 5.23 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -230°C to -112°C
Escape velocity 10.1 km/sec

Palmyra is an icy, distant world located in the remote system of Omicron Sigma. Most of the planet’s surface is covered by a number of enormous, dirty glaciers comprised of ice mixed with rock debris, shielded from the vastness of space by only a token atmosphere. Despite the fact that it was discovered and charted over a decade ago, as well as the construction of Cairo Station, the intricacies of the planet’s surface remain unsurveyed. Only cursory scans were made, quickly dismissing any hopes for easily accessible resources or Alien Artifacts.