Planet Phoenicia

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Planet Phoenicia
Planet Phoenicia.png
Location E8, Omicron Epsilon
Edge Worlds
Technical information
Docking No
Terrain Arctic/Terrestrial
Diameter 13,348 km
Mass 6.10 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -115°C to 10°C
Escape velocity 11.9 km/sec

Phoenicia is an arctic world orbiting well beyond the young Epsilon sun's habitable zone. Sporadic, but extreme tectonic activity has been detected at the crust, beneath massive glaciers. Various attempts at exploring the surface were limited due to these conditions, and the potential for settlement or mining was discarded along with. While it may be possible that fresh water may exist in some form, far underneath the vast frozen tundras, obtaining it would be extremely difficult, expensive, and inefficient.

Phoenicia features an extensive ring system for a terrestial planet, as well as a rather unique view during its night cycle of the stars from the surface. The pale white of the planet, despite its freezing atmosphere, can be a warming sight for deep space patrols finding their way home.