Omicron Epsilon

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Omicron Epsilon
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Governing House Independent
Region Edge Worlds
Omicron Mu

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System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects
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Planet Myriandrus
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Planet Phoenicia
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Planet Tunis

  • None
  • Helljumper Planetary Fragments
  • Hoff Dust Cloud
  • Pryde Planetary Fragments
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Hoff Dust Cloud

Largely overlooked in initial survey, Hoff Cloud has no remarkable features or resources worth noting. Instead, it was developed into something of a proving ground and training site for The Order's pilots and crews. Its namesake derives from Dustin Hoff, third leader of The Order.

Asteroid Fields

Helljumper Planetary Fragments

Discovered and charted during the initial expedition to Omicron Epsilon, Helljumper Field mimics the composition and internal properties of Pryde Field . Found to contain a Tohoku jumphole at its center, it became an important navigational landmark for The Order's operations into Kusari. While apparently unknown to the Kusari's authorities, Helljumper has not evaded attention of Nomadic forces which frequently stage incursions from within. Named after fourth leader of The Order, whose real name remains unknown.

Pryde Planetary Fragments

The Pryde Planetary Fragment field was first discovered during a patrol in early 801 A.S by fighters of the Order. Initially thought to be just an asteroid belt in close orbit of Epsilon’s star until exhaustive scans, hindered greatly by the magnetic properties possessed by the field, uncovered its true origin. Unfortunately the efforts also uncovered that the field contains no valuable minerals or objects of interest.

Jump Gates/Holes